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09/23/04 -- New Visitors' Log Opened. Please see the note at the top of the page about this visitor log and the forum visitor log.

-- Buchanan, George S. "Buck", LtC Ret. Harlingen, 61-15N, Avaition Cadet. James Connelly RO training in F-89, '61 -'62. Stead for Survival School then EC-121 at McClellan '62 -'66, Yokota RC-130s 6091st RS/556th RS, Forbes C-130 '69-'73, Richards-Gebaur C-130 '73 -'74, Travis C-5 '74 -'84, Tinker F-4 '84 -'88 Retired '88

09/02/04 -- Dave Locke, Mather Class 82-10, C-141b Charleston SOLL II 82-88, Altus AFB Nav Instructor 88-93, HQ AMC/IM 93-95. Modern Technologies C-17 SATAF 95-97, City of Altus Systems guy 97-02, DynCorp Director of Information Management Vacne AFB 02 to present. (I was the dyslexic navigator. Rodger pilot turn right heading 630!) Corrected email

09/02/04 -- HARRIS, RONALD G. LtCol, USAF (RET): Airborne Electronic Countermeasures Specialist Class 09074, Keesler AFB, GRAD: Sept 1954; Flew as a CROW on the RB-36 and EB-47 PH V at Ellsworth, Ramey, Hunter and Lockbourne from 1954 to 1959. Navigator Class 61-01NK, Harlingen AFB, GRAD: 21 Dec 60. Served at Ellsworth, Amarillo, March as KC-135 Nav/ Instructor. 2LT to Major on the same crew. Transitioned to C-130E at Sewart AFB in 1969. Served as Nav/Inst/Stan Eval at Ching Chaun Kang AB, Taiwan til June 1973. Command and Staff College, Class of 1974 thence to the Airlift Staff at PACAF HQ 1974-78. Assigned to Little Rock AFB, AR 1978-88 as Instructor/Flight Commander/Chief Navigator until retirement in 1988. Worked for numerous contractors providing aircrew training academics/simulator training at the C-130 Airlift Training Center, Little Rock AFB as Instructor Supervisor until my final retirement in 1999. I now drive my John Deere Tractor on 10 Acres situated on the Escape Route from BlackJack DZ, so I'm still at home. ronald harris

09/02/04 -- Pickens, Jimmy B. Harlingen Nav class 58-02N-graduated Aug '58, Master Nav, mostly trash haul-C-130 and C-124 and ATC nav and officer training including USAFA, IG, and SERE, any type of aircraft with propellers and the T-43. Commander, 450th FTS at Mather '74-76, ---

9/02/04 -- Jarrell, Paul R., Mather AFB, 82-13, 452FTS, C-130B, 1982-1990 NC Air National Guard, Plans Officer, 1984-1988, Served in MAC Command Post during Desert Storm, Communications Officer, 1990-2000, Wing Executive Officer, 2000-2003, Retired 31 March 2003, 100% Disabled Veteran,

4/29/04 -- Berson, Michael A. Class 60-02N Harlingen AFB 3/59-1/60; Electronic Warfare Officer School, Keesler AFB 2/60-10/60;USAF Survival School, Stead AFB, 12/60;B-52 CCTS, Castle AFB, 1/61-3-61, B-52 Combat Crew, Westover AFB 4/61-8/65

04/26/04 -- Haile, John, Ellington,56-10, RADAR NAV, B-47, B-58, FB111,

4/29/04 -- Hawkins, Charles D. new email Would love to hear from class mates 53-17c Harlingen. Last entry was 4/10/99

4/13/04 -- Goodwin, Richard G., Lackland OTS class 60C, Harlingen class 61-04, McGuire, Inst/FE C-118, Left the AF for the corporate world in 1965, (last entry 10/02/01), new email address:

4/5/04 --Williams, Michael J. Mather 72(Class?), "73" 86 MAS 60 MAW C-141A Travis, "73-74" 21 TASS 56 SOW NKP Thailand OV-10 Laser Nav FAC ("smart" FAC) Nail 237, "74-76" 21 TAS C-130E BeeLiners-Clark AFB, 77-78 Wyoming Air National Guard C-130B and finally retired from the US Navy as Medical Service Corp Officer (Industrial Hygiene Officer) 1993. Between bad landings and pulling the wrong fire handle the AF pilots tried but didn't kill me. :-)

04/01/04 -- Baughan, H Lewis, Ellington-Keesler, ECM student '52-'53, T-29 mission pilot '54-'57. Ordered to B-47 Aircraft Commanders School on manatory SAC quoto.

03/30/04 - Landis, Bill; Harlingen 58-09, master navigator, '58-'60 McGuire AFB, C-118; '60-'78 AF Reserves at Homestead AFB, C-47, C-124, C-121. Civilian engineer for Pratt and Whitney Aircraft '60-'87 for the RL 10 rocket engine and J-58 jet engine on the SR-71.

03/30/04 -- Garrity, Charles M. (original entry 3/02) Harlingen AFB, Tx., class 61-06, NAV, McGuire AFB C-118 C-135 C-121, Travis AFB C-141, Active duty 60-66, Guard/Reserve 66-80, Retired Major Apr80, TWA pilot 1966-1995, 727, 707, 1011, 747, new email is:

03/01/04 -- Robert N. Kelley graduated last class at JCAFB April 1966. Pope AFB. C-130 lead /Instructor Navigator. 556 Recon Sq, )TDY 1969). Tet offewnsive 779th TAS. Would like to hear from old friends.

02/18/04-- Newcomb, Patrick "Newk". Mather, 82-20. WSO. RF-4 82-85 (Bergstrom, Kadena, Alconbury), F-111 85-90 (Mt Home, Upper
Heyford, Cannon). Staff officer (Key West) 92-95, Red Flag staff (Nellis) 95-01 (except Osan 98-99). Retired 2001 in Las Vegas, investment rep for Edward Jones.

02/09/04 --
Stringham, Stephan G.; Mather AFB, 85-10 Nav, 85-12 EWO; RC-135V/W RIVET JOINT, Offutt AFB 343d RS, Jan 86-Mar 91; Det 1, 6th SRW, Shemya AB (The Rock), AK, Mar 91-Apr 92; RC-135S COBRA BALL, 23d SRS (became 45th RS after McPeak took away all the SAC numbers) Offutt AFB, Apr 92-Aug 95; DIA (DIAC) Bolling AFB, Wash DC, Aug 95-Apr 99; Nav/EWO Instr, 563d FTS, Randolph AFB, TX, May 99-Aug 01; Commander, Det 1, 23d IOS, Ft. Meade, MD, Sept 01-Oct 03; EWO/IO Plans Officer, SOCOM Hdqs, Tampa, FL, Oct 03-Present. Still plugging away at this USAF business...miss the ops flying, don't miss the 0220 showtimes in Kadena or cold days on Shemya! or

02/03/04 -- Dave Locke, Mather Class 82-10, C-141b Charleston SOLL II 82-88, Altus AFB Nav Instructor 88-93, HQ AMC/IM 93-95. Modern Technologies C-17 SATAF 95-97, City of Altus Systems guy 97-02, DynCorp Director of Information Management Vacne AFB 02 to present.

01/13/04 -- STEVENS, John B, Harlingen, 61-20 A1, KC-135. Went to K.I. Sawyer (46th Air Refueling Squadron) after training at Walker. Transferred in 1968 to the 7th ARefSq at Carswell. Spent some time in SEA on TDYs. In 1971 went to Mather as an Instructor and Flight Leader. In 1974 went to ACSC at Maxwell and then to Germany (Hahn AB) as the Chief of Services. Back to KI in 1978 as Operations Plans Officer/Chief of Ops Plans and then Mobility Officer for the Maintenance Complex and the Base. In 1986 went to NAS Keflavik as the Director of Logistics for Air Forces Iceland and retired as L/C in 1987. Looking for other members of 61-20 or the 46th ARefSq. or

10-20-2003 -- Robert A Brezinski, Maj. USAF Ret, Class 61-05B, Harlingen, TX. Six years as a jet engine mechanic, then discovered it paid more flying them then fixing them. After Harlingen it was off to 431st ARS at Biggs AFB in El Paso, TX in KB50-J's then six months off for "Bootstrap" at the then Municipal University of Omaha. From there it was the C130 E with the 50th TCS at Sewart AFB, TN. After 5 months there it was a unit move with the 50th to CCK, Taiwan. Then back to the States with the 37th TAS at Langley. Then I got lucky and got the exchange job with the Canadians 435 Trans Sq at CFB Edmonton, Alberta. When I left them after 3 1/2 years I was a Major and the deputy commander for the for the Canadian Tactical Airlift School. I was next assigned to the 62nd TAS at Little Rock AFB. I eventually ended up as the Wing Navigator for the 314th TAW and retired in Sep 76. I came to Fayetteville, AR to upgrade my degree but was offered a job by the Saving & Loan were I went to get a loan to buy a house. The S & L is long gone the way a lot of them went in the mid 80' and I stayed on with the guys who bought the main office building.

10/04/03 -- Lt Col Bill Van Horn, 1984-current, C-130H3 Nav at Peterson AFB, CO; 1979-1983 RC-135S Cobra Ball EWO at Shemya AFB, Alaska (crewmember on Cobra Ball crash on 15 March 1981); 1976-1979 B-52D EWO at Anderson AFB, Guam.

09-28-03 -- Riley, George; Maj(Ret). Grad Class 61-07 Harlingen. Lincoln AFB B-47, 62-65. Travis AFB C124/141, 65-68. ClarkAB HC130, 68-70. Fairchild AFB B52, 70-73. Anderson AFB, B52 73-75, Nuclear weapons officer 75-80. Ret 5/80.

09-28-03 -- Mullen, S.F. Timothy; 1961, Harlingen, TX, 61-02N, navigator, RC-121s at Otis AFB, MA; C-130s at 7406th Support Sq., Rhein-Main, Germany; C-141s at Travis AFB, CA; resigned commission in 1968; worked in the Federal government in Washington until retirement in 1993. Currently living in Florida.

09-25-03 -- John H. Walker Capt. 61-09 B6 Harlingen AFB TX, T-29, Ellsworth AFB, SD, KC-135, Pilot Training Laughlin AFB TX, T-41, T-37, T-38, Air Refueling, Plattsburg AFB, NY, KC-135, CCK AFB, Taiwan, 345th TAS, C-130, Langley AFB, VA, C-130, Iowa State University, Cargill Inc., DuPont, Retired 7/1/03.

09/07/2003 -- Jensen, Lloyd, Rtd 1st Lt, Navigator, Ellington Field, 44-7, B-24, 15th AF, 55th Wing, 465th Group, 780th Squadron, Severe injury, 10/13/1944 over Blechammer Germany.

08/10/03 -- Redlack, Charles K. (Kim); Harlingen, 57-13C, Navigator 58thATS & 30thATS, McGuire, '57-'60. Would like to contact classmates and former squadron members,

06/22/03 -- Warner, David C. Harlingen, Class 61-02N Nav 7000 hours EC121D @ Otis AFB 1961-1964, HU16 Sondrestrom, Greenland 64-65, 1965-1969 EC121D McCoy AFB. then 28 years Air Traffic Control towers and Flight Service. mostly in Georgia. Now retired and volunteer at Robins AFB Museum , Warner Robins , Ga. as tour guide and greeter. Take I75 Exit 142 we have 90 aircraft including a SR71,U2,B29

6/21/03 -- Redlack, Charles K. (Kim), Harlingen 57-13C, Line Navigator C-118, MATS McGuire AFB, 58th ATS '58 - '60, Looking for classmates and former 58th ATS Navs,

05/06/03 -- Butler, Ron, Harlingen 61-07 D2, KC-135 Nav, Ellsworth and Walker AFB, UPT 67-F Vance AFB, T-38, RF-4 Wing Safety. Looking for Cadets from 61-07 Harlingen.

4/12/03 -- Faulkner, Daniel P., Lt Col USAF (Ret)--1977-2003; Mather, 82-11 Nav, 83 EWT, EF-111A Mt Home AFB ID (83-88), also E-3A Weapons Director (77-81) Tinker AFB OK. Numerous staff and command tours after active flying. Currently a GS-15 at HQ AFMC, WPAFB OH.

04/14/03 -- Rogers, Harry C., Harlingen 61-09, C-124 MATS at Donaldson/Hunter '61-'67. UPT 68-F at Webb. KC-135 SAC at McCoy '68-'71. Jolly Green SEA '71-'72. USAF Retired '79.

04/21/03 -- Trump, Charles, (SMSG ret.) -- I was a member of the Kansas Air National Guard. Joined in Oct 13, 1953 at Wichita Ks in 1959. I transfered to Hutchison Ks for pilot slot. On 13 mar.1960 I was told the guard was out of $ for pilots but I could go to Nav school RB-57. I washed out 61-10, 6 weeks short of my Wings. Lost my direct commision and went back to college. Grad in 1964, 28 ,too old for Nav. Became Loadmaster 136 TAW flew 130a,b.e,Hs retired 1996 on my 60th birthday, I loved flying with the Guard, God Bless America and our President,

03/16/03 -- Presto, Ed, JCAFB, 61-18 NAV, Mather 63-2 NBT, RB66-B, WSO RF4-C, left USAF in 1975, retired IRS in 2001,

02/17/03 -- Feindt, Ted, JCAFB, 63-05, NAV, (Active Duty) C-133A - DoverAFB (12/62 through 1/67), (NJANG) C-121C & KC-135A&E (4/67 through 12/89) - McGuireAFB. Retired as 0-5 in '89 after 27 years in the cockpit! Wouldn't have traded it for anything! Also had a career as an Internal Revenue Agent (it's a dark and dirty job, but somebody has to do it) from '67 through '02. Now, I'm just enjoying life.

01/11/02 -- Fredrickson, Kent, Mather AFB - 73-04 (Aug 1972) McChord AFB, WA - 8th MAS - C-141 - 12/1972 through 11/1974 Andersen AFB, Guam - 54th WRS - WC-130 - 12/1974 through 5/1976. Looking forward to receiving the quarterly publication "DR AHEAD", and maybe hearing from some friends from the past.

12/20/02 -- Eklund, Rolf A. Lt Col USAF retired; Harlingen, class 57-10; B25s and F89s at JCAFB in Waco, F94s and C119s at NAS New York (Floyd Bennett Field; C47s at Mitchell AFB,NY; C119s at Stewart AFB, NY; C124s here at Carswell AFB, TX; C141s at Charleston AFB, SC; retired after tour as MAJCOM wienie at HQ, AFRES, Robins AFB, GA; living inconspicuously in Fort Worth, Texas USA!

12/17/02 -- Graser, Ted, Ellington,53-11-53-P Nav: B29's Yakota, Okinawa, KC 97's Columbus Ohio, Westover and Plattsburgh KC 135's Bergstrom, C130E's Pope, AirLift center at Pope, C130A's Naha, KC135's Plattsburgh, Best duty assignment was Air Lift Center at Pope and the 21st Bee Liners at Naha - worst was Bergstrom and retired. Inventor of the TALC release gate and a lot of war stories.

12/16/02 -- Fitzpatrick, John aka Jack, RO class 53-11, Connolly. E-mail:

12/12/02 -- Cliff Frey, COL USAF (ret). Mather 64-18-02). C-130s at McGuire and Dyess(MAC) AC-130Gunships at Ubon Thailand 70-71, Instructor at Mather UNT 71-75, Air Force Program Manager for C-130 Simulators at Wright Patterson AFB, Chief C-130 SIMCERT for MAC at Little Rock AFB, Deputy Director Simulator SPO at Wright Patterson. Retired June 1990.

12/12/02-- Owen , Richard ; RAAF Base East Sale, AUSTRALIA, 53Nav, Weapons, F/RF-111C/G, Just dropping in from downunder and found the site. My Dad was an instructor at Mather AFB in 1963/64, so I sort of have some family connection with US Navigators. If anyone was trained by him wouldn't mind hearing from you. I am currently Chief of Staff HQ Air Combat Group RAAF Williamtown (F-111, F/A-18 and Hawk)

12/15/02 -- Hawn, David aka "Goldie, F4C/D/E 2400 hrs. ret Maj AFRes. College USNA and Univ of Texas. 1976- Mather 461 FTS 76-12, 1977- MacDill 461 TFS, 77-79- Torrejon 612 TFS, 79-83- Seymour Johnson 335 TFS, 83- Bergstrom 704TFS AFRes , 84-91 Fresno ANG 194 FIS. Post F4 assignments with CAP AFRES, Howard AFB, Panama, ret AFRes 1997. Currently in Reno, NV, or my Cortez motorhome in San Diego, CA or maybe at plantation in Panama. Interested in hearing from old friends, even pilots.

12/01/02 -- Halpert, Sam Selman Field 44-6, Navigator B-17, 35 missions with 91st Bomb Group, 324th Squadron. Click on to <> for free beer tomorrow

11/20/02 -- Carruth, Ken, class 53-01, navigation training Ellington AFB, bombing, Mather AFB 1953, B-26 Langley AFB, C-124 Donaldson AFB, Greenville, SC.
52nd TCS has a reunion every two years. May '03 Orlando, FL

11/15/02 -- Art Schefler Major, ret. Harlingen 61-04; KC/EC135 Larson, March; Wing U-2 Nav Davis Monthan; SAC HQ; DOXI ; Beale - DOX. Retired in '82. Moved to Shreveport LA April 2002. Currently Fly Tailwind W-8. <>

11/15/02 -- Weissert, Martin A; Ellington AFB; Class 56-16; continued in T-29's as instructor at Ellington, l956-58. My classmate and good friend, T.K. Knight, are you alive and still out there? <>

11/03/02 -- Staggs, Charles A.; Mather AFB, Class 74-16, WSO, F-4C/E, Ramstein AB '75-'78, MO Air Guard '78-'81, Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center (DMAAC)/NIMA '79-present, I am the technical point of contact for FLIP Terminal Instrument Procedures,

10/31/02 -- Martindale, William C. Jr. James Connelly AFB 1965 Navigator C-124 Looking to reconnect with the 17th MAS squadron circa 1965-1969.

10/20/02 -- Leach, Charles A.; Harlingen AFB; 59-18; Master Nav.; B-47, retired O-6; Nashville, TN;

10/17/02 -- Harder, Robert O., Mather UNT 67-20, NBT 68-07, B-52D nav/bomb type with 145 Arc Light missions, 1968-70. My 3rd and hopefully last
career is writing and my current project is a novel set during Linebacker 2. Would very much like to correspond with bomb/nav and EW types that flew during the 11 day war. Looking for stuff that hasn't made the coffee table books or History Channel, if you catch my drift. I don't think anybody has written a Vietnam war novel from the Buff bombardier viewpoint, so how about it Hey Navs, ain't it about our turn? e-mail:

10/04/02 -- Davies, Bill; Ellington 53-19, Mather 54 CTR; Nav/Bomb B52s, GIB in RF4C VN 12 TRS 1968; retired and currently Sec/Treas of 461BW Reunion Group (Amarillo AFB)

08/30/02 -- Spencer, Richard L., JCAFB class 62-??, assigned apr 62 to 39th ATS, DAFB, attended survival school at Stead AFB enroute, C-133A, 2000hrs; 135th Air Commando Sq. MDANG Martin Field 1967-1968 while attending grad school; IRR with USAF Audit Agency, Finance, and USAF Academy Liason Officer 1971-1988; retired Lt. Col.; B.S., Ph.D. Richard Spencer <>

09/25/02 -- Smith, William (Bill) F., Colonel, USAF; graduated UNT (Oct 75) and EWT (Apr 76); B-52H CCTS, Castle AFB 1976; K.I. Sawyer 1976-79 (Crewdog, Instructor, Stan/Eval); Mather AFB 1979-84 (ATC Instructor); Yongsan AIT, Seoul, Korea 1984-86 (J2 Pol-Mil Affairs Officer); Castle AFB 1986-87 (CCTS Executive Officer); Camp Smith, HI 1987-91 (Staff EWO); Univ of Pitt 1991-92 (National Defense Fellow); Camp Smith, HI 1992-96 (J5 Russia/CIS Country Director); Bolling AFB 1996-99 (Deputy Office Chief, DIA); U.S. Embassy Moscow 1999-2001 (Chief, Defense Threat Reduction Office); retired 1 Nov 01; recalled 3 Jun 02 for reassignment overseas TBD. Present. E-mail:

09/13/02 -- Nelson, Lyle, Lt. Col. (Ret), Hondo AAF Base, 42-17, Aircraft Navigator, B-29, Instructor, Research, Lead Crew Navigator 3rd AF Hq, Florida. Have written and illustrated "Some Experiences and Memories of a 1941 Draftee".

10/07/02 -- Spivack,Milton,James Connally,Aviation Cadet UNT Class 65-15, Mather NBT Class 66-7, Wright Patterson, B-52 Navigator,34th Bomb Squadron, SAC, 1966, Dover, C-141 Navigator, 20th Military Airlift Squadron, MAC 1966-1967. Dept of Defense 1971-1999. Milton Spivack <>

10/07/02 -- Regan, Paul -- Graduated Nov 1960. Went to Keesler, grad Nov 1961, Grand Forks AFB EWO B-52H until Feb 1967 when I got out. I was in the original Wild Weasel I program flying out of Korat AFB in Thialand from Jan to June 1966-- 35 combat missions in an
f-100F <>

08/13/02 -- Arnold, Mark A., Mather, 77-09, F-4 WSO Elmendorf 1978-1982, Fargo ANG 1982-1988, C-130 Nav 1988-????(still going...),

08/13/2002 -- Smith, Paul Wilber, Mather 42-17, Peterson Field B 24, Greenville, SC B25 , Gulfport Miss B17 crew. 8th AF 398th 602nd Nuthampstead, Englnd 22missions when VE day. Stayed in reserves.attend U of California became MD called to fly in Korean war, but sent to Naval Hosptial to serve as M.D. deceased 1989. submitted by widow. CHARLOTTE SMITH <>

07/28/02 -- Schuhmayr, Dirk, Mather, 85-?? (starting August 85), WSO, Tornado, will retire soon. Best time of my life was UNT in Mather ;)
- Current assigment: DDO/DtA CFAA Toul-Rosières, France - URL:, Email:

08/02/02 -- George Bamberger, registered 1/20/02 Mather 43-2, also taught next class. Navigator with SCAT - South Pacific Combat Air Transport in 1943-44. Served in South Pacific from Guadalcanal to Bougainville. Awarded DFC at Treasury Island. New address: I also taught at Ellington from August 1944 to Aug. 45.. Anybody out there from those days?

08/02/02 -- McLane, Derek ; Randolph AFB, 96-14, Nav, E-3, T-43,

04/15/02 -- Major William Blue 61-04-A2 Harlengen TX has a new E-mail address. Does anyone know where Billy Buchanan of CCK , Taiwan and 28 ARS Ellsworth is? Also does anyone know if the Navigator Magazine is still being published? This is a very interesting site for anyone interested in Celestial Navigation. refused connection.

06/22/02 -- Levenson, David; Mather, SUNT 91-08, EWO, B-52H K.I. Sawyer, RC-135S COBRA BALL Offutt, EA-6B Prowler Whidbey Island. To Chuck Davis, Ken Beebe, "LambChop," Brian Kissinger, Glenn Downing; Fly safe, and keep it on the centerline!,, or

06/17/02 -- Madden, Barney; JCAFB Class 64-07-01; NBT Mather AFB 64-03(met wife Betty, married in Sacto 1/16/65); Stead 64-48; ASQ-48 Aug-Sept ' 64; Castle 65-1C B-52 Trng; Nav/Bomb, B-52D, 367 BS, McCoy AFB, FL, ' 65-' 67(54 Arc Light msns ' 66-' 67); Nav, C-124C, 50th MAS, Hickam AFB, HI,' 67-' 69(33 combat msns); Homestead AFB sea survival 70-41; Davis-Montham F-4 radar lead-in 71-D; George 71CRG F-4 GIB Trng; Fightergator, F-4E, 353/614 TFS, Torrejon AB, Madrid, Spain, ' 71-' 73; Dep CINCREP, 401st CCP, TAB, ' 73-' 74, Nav VC-118. Senior Navigator, 1500 hrs B-52D, 2100 hrs C-124C, 500 hrs(one crash) F-4E, 400 hrs other, 4500 hrs total. Not bad for a short fat guy who had polio so bad he was never supposed to sit up again!

06/10/02 -- Grickis, Ronald G., Lt Col, Mather - 74, C-141A and B at Charleston, 1975-00. 76MAS (437MAW), 300, 701 AS (315AW). Currently IG of 315th.

05/30/02 -- Timmermann, Lynne 1st/Lt. , 55C Enid, Ok. C54 Palm Beach Fl. Mats Instructor pilot after 80 trips across the atlantic in C54s out of Charleston,SC. 1955 56 57. Message in Yahoo Douglas C54 page.

05/22/02 -- Hampton, Floyd W. Harlingen AFB, TX, Class 61-03 (got our brown bars on Valentines Day).Navigator on; C-124, HU-16, HC-54, HC-97, AC-123, C-123, T-29, C-130. Served in MATS, Air Rescue, TAC and ATC. For all of you Mather and Beale grads after 1973 who tossed their cookies on the low level training route around the Grand Canyon, I am the guy responsible. I was the 3535th Navigator Training Wing Chief, Routes and Targets at Mather and got the route approved for the new jet trainer over the objections of SAC (who wrote and controlled the low level routes manual). If you kept a map of the route you will notice that a segment goes over "Floyd Mountain". Sorry about the cookies!

04/24/02 -- Mullens, Jerry, D.; Harlingen AFB, 62-13, Nav, C-130A & D, Abilene TX, Elmendorf AK, & Sondestrom Greenland, (Capt.) till 1966 then pilot Eastern Air Lines, retired ~1983, now MD in Brooklyn, NY,

04/22/02 -- Cowden Charles B. Harlingen AFB 1958, Keesler AFB EW School 1959. Retired Lt. Col in 1884. Served at Keesler and Mather as an EWO Instructor 1959-1964, Univiversity of Oklahoma MBA thanks to AFIT, HQPACAF, 42nd TEWS EB-66E/B/C Takhli 1967-68, 343 SRS RC-135, 55SRW, DIA, Professor of Aerospace Studies University of Nebraska, Omaha , and HQ SAC XFFR. Living in the Monterey Bay area of California involved in Silicon Valley high tech "stuff".

04/19/02 -- Downey, Gerry, Mather AFB, 87-06 SUNT, WSO, F-111 and F-15E, current 9 AF SEFE,

04/18/02 -- Anthony, Bob G. Graduated from Ellington in Class 55-19G. Served in 48th ATS, 1502nd ATW navigating C-124's across Pacific from 1955 to 1958.

04/16/02 -- Smith, Matt; Capt., Randolph, 99-01, Nav, AC-130H, Tactics Officer/PFPSSysAdmin,

04/15/02 -- Rogers, Kevin "Buck" Maj MATHER AFB SUNT Class 88-11, 924 AREFS 88-92 KC-135A Nav , 46 AREFS 92-93 KC135A-IN, 7 ACCS 93-94 EC-130E INST NAV, 42 ACCS 94-98 SEFE NAV, 1 ACCS 98-01 E-4B SEFE NAV, AFC2ISRC Langley AFB 01-present. ABCCC/E-4B PEM.

04/15/02 -- Blue, William, Major 61-04-A2 Harlengen TX has a new E-mail address. Does anyone know where Billy Buchanan of CCK , Taiwan and 28 ARS Ellsworth is? Also does anyone know if the Navigator Magazine is still being published? This is a very interesting site for anyone interested in Celestial Navigation.

04/11/02 -- Group, Carl A. LtCol., USAF, (Ret) Graduated Hondo Army Airfield, Texas, 11/11/44 as 2nd Lt. Navigator. Retired at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, 08/31/73, after three year tour as 376th Strat Wing Staff officer. Flew B-24's in OTU at Tonopah, Nevada, 1945. Recalled to active duty October 1950 in the 433rd Troop Carrier Wing (Royal Ohio Air Force), trained in C-119's at Donaldson AFB, SC, and deployed immediately to Germany as the first USAF Wing in support of NATO. Redeployed to CONUS in 1954, assigned to 308th Bomb Wing, Hunter AFB, Georgia, in KC-97 SAC tankers. Transferred to Bergstrom AFB in 1955, to the 27th Strategic Fighter Wing, flying KB-29's. In 1957, the 27th Air Refueling Squadron was deactivated, and was sent to Castle AFB to undergo combat crew training in the KC-135. Further assigned to 6th Air Refueling Squadron, Walker AFB, NM, in 1957, as navigator on the senior standardization KC-135 crew. In 1960, was assigned to the 1st Combat Evaluation Group, Barksdale AFB. La. Reassigned in 1965 to the 28th Bomb Wing, Ellsworth AFB, SD, as a current ops staff planner. 1970, assigned to the 376th Strategic Wing, Kadena AB, Okinawa as a staff planner and instructor navigator. Retired there in 1973. Spent the next 28 years as a stockbroker, retiring for good in October 2001.
Currently live in Centennial Colorado, with my wife of 50 years. Volunteered for active duty immediately after 9/11, but was not taken seriously at age 76.

04/08/02 -- Healy, Daniel, Mather, 79-03, Navigator, KC-135, 15 AF/DOT,

04/01/02 -- Sanders, Karl 54-07 Harlingen AFB ,Then James Connally AFB, F-94C at Langley AFB. Now retired, like to hear from any classmates still around.

03/28/02 -- Frazier, Bob (Waco) Ellington 57-??, James Connly 58, Davis-Monthan 57-59, F-89, 15th FIS,

03/27/02 -- Williams, John F. , Lt Col., USAF, (Ret). Graduated James Connolly AFB, Waco, Tx Nov 1955, Class 55-16, Radar Observer, Crew training at Moody AFB, Ga., F-94C (29thFIS, Great Falls Montana and later F-89D, (18th FIS, Ladd AFB, Alaska). Married Charlein Lander at Ladd, August 1957 and immediately moved from ADC to SAC in 1957, (B-47 crew training Mather and McConnel) Pease AFB, NH, first SAC assigmment, Dec 1958, with famed 509th Bomb Wing (Fat Man and Little Boy), on to Ramey AFB in 1966 and to SAC HQ in 1969. Retired in 1973. Retired again from Civil Service (FAA) in Oct 2000. Will likely stay retired now after 48 yrs as a "FED", unless .... the Marines still a "few good men" when I tire of playing golf.

03/25/02 -- Harrington, Larry L., Retired LtCol from the 119th FIG, 178th FISq, North Dakota Air National Guard (The Happy Hooligans). I flew as a WSO in F-4D Phantoms from 1978 to 1990. Prior to that I was a WSO in F-101 Voodoos from 75 to 78. I was also an Instructor Navigator with the 916th Air Refueling Squadron, flying in KC-135s at Travis AFB, CA from 1972 to1975. I have been a professional photographer since 1979.

03/24/02 -- Saeger, Ron; Mather, 72-04; WSO, F-101B/F & F-4D, 178 FIS, NDANG;Maintenance Officer, F-4D & F-16A/B, 119 FG, NDANG.

03-22-02 -- Shields, Gary L. Mather 70-21 UNT. EC/RC/KC-135 Nav/IN (Pease AFB, Offutt AFB); F-4C/D/E WSO/IWSO (Homestead AFB, NAS Keflavik, George AFB); E-3 (Tinker AFB; Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, GE; HQ USAF, Washington, D.C.); Air Staff, Foreign Military Sales, The Pentagon. LtCol (Ret). Six years at Northwest Airlines, Minneapolis. Now Manager, Integration Support Engineering, The Boeing Company, Seattle.

03/17/02 -- Hudson , Todd C.; Capt. 192nd AS, 99-01, Navigator, C-130,

03/11/02 -- Watson, Greg, Randolph AFB, JSUNT Class 02-06, headed to BUFs at Barksdale

03/01/02 -- Garrity, Charles M. , Harlingen AFB, Tx., class 61-06, NAV, McGuire AFB C-118 C-135 C-121, Travis AFB C-141, Active duty 60-66, Guard/Reserve 66-80, Retired Major Apr80, TWA pilot 1966-1995, 727, 707, 1011, 747, new email 3/30/04 is:

02/25/02 -- Mihalow, Anderlin F., Harlingen AFB, Tx. , Class 61-07D6, Went to Donaldson AFB, S.C., Hunter AFB, Ga. ..Navigated C-124 till 1966 . Left Air Force and flew for the next 24yrs for Eastern Air Lines till they folded. Know of several people's whereabouts from the class of 61-07D6. If interested , get in touch with me @

02/24/02 -- Drowns, Walt James Connaly 63-08 Navigator First assigned to MAC at Travis in 1962..Served as C-124 Navigator, and C-130 Navigator, and C-141 Navigator. 1967...Transferred to 58th WRS at Kirtland AFB ...served as Navigator and Special Equipment Operator on RB57C and RB57F. 1972.. Southeast Asia Tour Navigator, Air Rescue..HC130H at Cam Rahn Bay, RVN and Korat RTAFB, Thailand. 1973...Instructor Navigator at Mather AFB, T-29 and T-43. Retired 9/75

02/22/2002 -- Mihalow, Anderlin(Andy), Harlingen AFB, 61-07D6, Line Nav. MATS, C-124, Donaldson AFB-HunterAFB--1961-1966

02/11/2002 -- Smith, Paul Wilber Mather 43-17. submitted by his wife. Assigned to Paterson AFB Colorado in B24 photorecon; Greenville S.C. AFB B25 ; Gulfport Miss AFB instructor navigator; B 17.; Hunter Field, Ga. staging area to 8th; Nuthampstead , England; 398th BG 602 Sqd. 25 missions over Europe. To US to Florida crew up B29 to go to
Japan..War over. Returned home to become M.D. deceased 1989. Flew in B 25's used in film "A Guy named Joe" submitted by his wife.

02/05/02 -- Underwood, Keith L. Master Navigator, Ellington 50E, B-26&RC121. Ret 1966, FBI Agent Ret l986, Life Member TENOA.

1/22/02 -- De Lar, Robert J., Harlingen AFB, Tx., class 61-03, NAV. C-133, C-130, C-141; staff; 21AF(MAC), Hq. NORAD/ADCOM, 16AF(USAFE), Hq. TAC.

01/20/02 -- Bamberger, George, Mather class 43-2; instructor next class. Navigator in SCAT 403rd Troop Carrier Group; 63rd Squadron in the Solomons from Guadalcanal to Bougainville l943-4 Served in South Pacific from Guadalcanal to Bougainville. Awarded DFC at Treasury Island. I also taught at Ellington from August 1944 to Aug. 45 assigned to train navigators returning from the ETO to the Pacific in the technique of navigating over water. If anyone from SCAT is still around, I would love to hear from you. new e-mail 4/14/02

01/18/02 -- Coveny, Robert F. : Class 84-21, Mather, Graduated UNT September 13th, 1984, Completed Advanced Nav and Sent TDY to Kirtland AFB, NM for HC-130 Nav Training (only two students in course - myself and Mark Hildebrandt), First assignment, McClellan AFB, CA Feb 85- Dec 87 at 41stARRS, Unit deactivated , 55ARRs Eglin AFB, FL- Later 9thSOS, January 87 - July 89,Left Active Duty entered Reserves, Flew C-130Hs with 700TAS later 700AS, September 1989-June1996, 10AFHQ, Staff Officer for Rescue and Special Ops at Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth (formerly Carswell AFB)June 1996-September1998, IMA Program Assigned as USAF Reserve Attache September of 1998 to Present. Civilian Career: Worked for Lockheed as a C-130 International Sales Rep for LatAM, Bell Helicopter as Latin American Sales Manager, FLIR Systems, Inc. as Director of International Sales. Would enjoy hearing from Navigators in Class 84-21, Former ARRS types and 700TAS - 700AS Navigators - Miss the hum of the ole Allison engines and the long haul Guam - Hickam runs with nothing but a sextant and an unreliable Loran (yes 1985 -Loran using Loran Charts across the Pacific! - Lot's of fun yet now I have a GPS in my car - Oh well!)

01/06/02 -- Richstein, Eric, Mather AFB, airlift navigator, C-130 and C-5A. Graduated UNT on 20 Mar 69. Anyone have a reference as to what class number that would have been, appreciate if you could let me know. (corrected 4/04 to

12/22/01 -- Alfaro, Eugene, A., UNT, James Connally, 63-14, -. 4/63-6/70 Nav Instructor at James Connally & Mather T-29, 7/70 ­ 3/71 23TASS NAIL-227 @ NKP ­ OV-10 and O2; 3/71 ­ 7/71 ­ 606 SOS CANDLE Nav JC123; 7/71 ­ 1/75 4500 ABW, Langley AFB, VA ­ Wing Nav/Scheduler, Stan-Eval, etc, - C-118 ­ C-131; 2/75 ­ 7/76 HQ TAC (XPP) ­ C-118; 7/76 ­ 7/80 HQ USEUCOM, Patch Barracks, Germany ­ J5 Military Affairs Officer; 7/80 ­ 7/84 Hq TAC (XPX) Contingency Planner ­ JOPES Specialist; 8/84 ­ 10/87 USCINCLANT, J52 CINC Contingency Planner. Transitioned to civilian job 10/87. Retired proposal specialist.


11/17/01 -- Neiman, Ben: Class 55-02 Ellington. I would like to get in touch with my original Class 54-08 Ellington. Live in Houston area:

11/03/01 -- Herbert , W. David UNT Mather 4/68 WSO F4 12th TFW CRB 3/69 to 2/70. Instructor WSO DM 1970 to 71 George 71 to 72 Have practiced both as a podiatrist and attorney. Retired from USAR as a LTC(podiatrist). PAX Dave wd herbert <>

10/29/01 -- Nichols, Robert, San Marcos Class of 44-3, had transition at Pyote, TX and then took Pathfinder(Mickey) training at Langley Field, spring of 1944. Flew to Italy in July '44 and joined the 840th Squadron, 483rd BG, (B-17s) based near Foggia, Italy. Flew required 35 combat missions.

10/23/01 -- Whalen, Dennis, 0-5 ret 1990. Mather NAV & NBT 69-71; B-52 G/D Loring AFB 42nd Bomb Wg, 69th Bomb Sq, Stan-Eval IRN, 3 SEA (Guam & Thailand) tours & Hanoi XMAS 72 with Mike Moran (IRN)...1971-1976. FB-111A Plattsburgh/Pease AFB 509th Bomb Wg, 715th/393rd Bomb Sq, Stan-Eval IRN with Jack Johnson (P) ...1976-1980. SR-71A Beale AFB 9th Strat Wg, 1st SRS, Stan-Eval RSO with Bernie Smith (P)...1981-1986. PCS 1986 to Las Vegas area till retirement in 1990. All I can say is they were 3 great airplanes, each unique in their own way, and the time went by waaaay too fast! Where you at Chuck Archie?

10-21-01 -- Bade, Elbert C. 55-11 Harlingen, instructor Harlingen and Waco, 6091st Recon at Yokota, 63rd MAW at Norton, retired 1974, taught school in San Bernardino, retired again in 1997.

10/18/01 -- Newsom, Phillip A., Mather UNT Nov. 1969, Classes 71-03 and 71-05, NBT Class 71-11 Sept. 1970-Mar. 1971, Nav/RN B-52D, 96BW, 337thBomb Sq. Dyess AFB TX, Arc Light Utapao-Anderson, Feb 1972- to end. RN FB-111A, 380BW, 528thBomb Sq, May 1975-Oct 1983, Ogden Liaison Officer McClellan AFB- Oct 1983-July 1989. B-2A Systems Engineer - Northrop Grumman June 1990-July 1999. Currently retired in Southlake, Tx, e-mail Whalen where are you?

10/16/01 -- Bill McGuire II. I am the son and only child of Second Lieut. Wm. C. McGuire, B24 J Navigator, 392nd BG, 579th Sq., Second Air Div., 8th AF, KIA over Friedrichshafen, Germany March 18, 1944. My book, "After the Liberators: A Father's Last Mission, A Son's Lifelong Journey" (Parkway Publishers Inc., 1999) details the history of that mission in which the 392nd lost 14 ships, my dad's story, and how I first came to learn about it and understand it in the mid 1990s. Endorsements by Len Deighton, Roger Freeman, James Patterson, Richard Snow (editor American Heritage) and Colonel Lawrence G. Gilbert, USAF (Ret.) and former Commander of the 392nd BG can be read along with others by referencing the title on Book includes good index, bibliography, tips for researchers and over 50 photos and illustrations including formation diagram. Best to all, Bill McGuire, Larchmont, NY

10/16/01-- Hodges, James B. Harlingen 56-09C KC-97 Macdill AFB <>

10/01/01 -- Parker, John (Amos) 53-16c Halingen AFB/Sheppard AFB Dec '53. - 508th ARSq Turner AFB KB-29s, '54 & '55-James Connally AFB High Speed Nav & Special Weapons '55 - Mather AFB B-47 lead In '55- 91th SRWg/376 BWg Lockboune AFB RB-47E & EB47E '56-'64 Sheppard AFB Titan II Missile School -64-65 570th SMWg Titan II ICBM Davis Monthan AFB Missle Crew Commander '65 67' Mather AFB RF4c Leadin Course '68 7th TRSq RTU Mt. Home AFB RF 4 C '68 14th TRSq Udorn RTAFB RF4C 175 combat missions RF4C '68 '69 9th TFSq Holloman AFB F4D '69 '72 9th TFSq Tahkli RTAFB 105 Combat Missions F4D '72 9th TFSq Holloman AFB '72-'73 F4D Retired March '73 Lt/Col "SAC SUCKS"
John A. (Amos) Parker
Member "Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association"-RRVFPA Phormer Recce Puke-Used FighterGator Phormer Phantom Phlyer Proud Life Member Udorn VFW Memorial Post #10249 Life Member Air Force Association-Member Tailhook Association Member National Rifle Association-Member The Retired Officers Association Member Air Force Sergeants Association View my album at ICQ # 11612891-Owner "SAC Sucks Sign"-Proud Member of The CASBAR Firetalk # 41109 Retired Military Grass Roots Group (MRGRG) - New Mexico, USA

10/02/01 -- Goodwin, Richard; Lackland AFB OTS class 60-C, Harlingen AFB Nav School class 61-04(?), McGuire AFB MATS 30th ATS 61-65,
C-118 Inst./FE, Interested in hearing from others who may have shared the same experiences,

09/29/01 -- Timmons, Thomas E. Maj. Mather Class 83-? KC-135 A, D, E, R Robins 84-88, Castle CCTS 92-95 EC-135 A, C, G, L Ellsworth 88-92 . I did time in the TACC and am now at Hickam. Rough, but someone has to do it. Timmons <>

09/21/01 - Yosfan, Benjamin, Randolph 01-06, NAV, OC-135 - here's to all the aircrews on 911 - Bless and go forward in victory! <>

09/10/01 -- Kenneth Fredrickson. Original entry 7/18/99. All info correct except new email address.

09/05/01 -- Hilgenbrink, John, Major, UNT 84-22C Mather AFB 1984, KC135A CCTS Castle AFB 84-85, KC135A 92ARS Fairchild AFB 85-87, RC135S/X 24SRS Eielson AFB 87-92, RC135S/X 24RS Offutt AFB 92-93, 11AF/DO Staff Elmendorf AFB 93-96, KC135R 168ARS Alaska ANG Eielson AFB 96-present.

08/29/01 -- Wilson, Lee, Harlingen, 61-09N B-3; KC-97 Dow; C-123, DaNang; T-29 Inst nav, J.Connally; T-29, Mather; UPT Class 69-01, Sheppard, graduated Aug 68; T-29 Mather; VC-131 Stuttgart Ger; rated supp; Sheppard; Kunsan, Korea; Plattsburgh; retired Aug'80; Engineer, Arizona. I'm now piloting the CV580 missile test bed for Raytheon in Tucson and loving flying again. Am looking for one or two A/C shoulder boards to replace the ones that were lost when I was in VN. Will pay. 520.663.9379 Email:

08/24/01 -- Darnell, Kevin S.C. , Colonel as of Jan03 (still on AD); Mather 80-12; E-3 AWACS Tinker 81-85 (964AWACS and 28AD), Kadena 85-89 (961AWACS), Instructor/Evaluator/Chief of Training/OIC Current Ops; back at Mather 90-92 to teach, T-43 Training Mission Commander, Assistant Ops Officer in 452FTS; ACSC (Maxwell) 92-93; AETC/DOT staff officer 93-96; Counterdrug watch officer 96-97 and OSS/CC 98-99 at Howard AFB, Panama; attended Naval War College 99-00 and currently on the faculty. Wife Susan, also an AWACS and AETC nav retired in 99 and is now in her first year of law school. All things come to those who persist. Email:

08/18/01 -- SANDERS, THOMAS M ("Mike"), Lt Col (Ret); Mather (UNT) 66-16; Mather (NBT) 67-06; Barksdale B-52G 1967-1970; Dyess C-130 1971-1972; Korat, Thailand C-130 (ABCCC) 1973; KI Sawyer B-52H 1974-1975; Duke Fld FL AC-130A (Reserve) 1975-1986; Kelly AFB TX (groundpounder, Reserve) 1986-1990.

08/11/01 -- Miller, John; Mather, 71-02(?), Special Ops., AC-140, MC-130, Instructor at Mather from 73 to 77, including transition to T-43. Program Manager Systems Command from 77 to 82. Combat Talon weenie until retirement in 90 (16th SOS, 7th SOS, 8th SOS, 1st SOW, JSOC). Currently working for Kearfott Guidance and Navigation.

08/05/01 -- JONES, MICHAEL, Mather AFB, ?, NAV, RC-135, I miss it,

07/24/01--Deyo, James, Maj (ret), Mather, 82-20, Senior Nav, EN/IN KC-135A, 924 AREFS/93 BMW 82-86, IN T-43, 451 FTS 86-88, SIOP Planner, 940 ARW 88-00. "James E. Deyo III, MBA" <>

07/15/01 -- Lewan, Eric; Capt, USAF; Randolph 95-, E-3 nav @ Tinker 96-00, Search & Rescue planner/controller @ Osan 00-01, AC-130U nav @ Hurlburt 02-?;

06/09/01 -- Kingston, George, Col. ret. Harlingen, 61- 06/07, Master Navigator, 11,000 hrs, C-124, C-130, C-141, Donaldson SC, Hunter GA, McGuire NJ, Langley VA, Milwaukee WI,

07/08/01 -- H.E.(Jack) MacCowan, Class '44-? SanMarcus,Texas-assigned to B-29-20th AF-Guam-17 missions to Japan. Harold MacCowan <>

--- Mellon, William L. Jr. (Woody), Lt Col.(Ret.) Harlingen AFB, Class 57-06. KC-97's: 321st ARefSq. Lockbourne AFB, Ohio 57-61; 303rd ARefSq. Kindley AFB, Bermuda 61-63. KC-135's: 321st ARefSq., 32nd ARefSq. & 91st ARefSq. Lockbourne AFB, Ohio 63-71; 70th ARefSq. & 305th ARefSq. Grissom AFB, Indiana 71-72. Air Force Advisor to the Ohio Air National Guard KC-97's Rickenbacker AFB, Ohio(TAC) 72-75, Air Force Advisor to the Ohio Air National Guard KC-135's Rickenbacker AFB, Ohio(SAC) 75-77, Commander Det.1 42nd Air Division Rickenbacker AFB, Ohio 77-81. Retired Feb. 1981. Worked for The Huntington National Bank as a Senior Systems Officer (Programmer - Analyst) IBM mainframes. Retired from Huntington 1999.

07/05/01 -- Art Schefler Major, ret. Harlingen 61-04; KC/EC135 Larson, March; Wing U-2 Nav Davis Monthan; SAC HQ; DOXI ; Beale - DOX. Retired in '82. Living near San Jose, CA and ready to move to San Diego area soon.

07/04/01--Whitney, Joe; Ellington, 44-45N, Radar Navigator.B-29, 24th Squadron,19 combat missions,

07/01/01 -- Bannerman, Jim Maj. Ret. Ellington 55-06, MATS Travis AFB 1955-1957 C-97, Hickam AFB 1957-1961 C-124 Chief Naviagtor 55 ATS, Air Force Systems
Command Andrews AFB 1961-1968, and Patrick AFB Fla. EC135 1968-1971. Retired 1971 and joined faculty of Georgia Tech and Southern College of Technology, as professor of Industrial Engineering. Retired again in 1991 and moved to Daytona Beach, FL. Charter member of AFNOA and currently serving as Corrosponding Secretary.

07/01/01 --Burgmeier, Frank H., Hondo Navigation School, Hondo TX, class 43-4. Flew 65 missions as lead navigator, 456th bomb sqdn., 323rd Bomb Group in ETO including
D-day. Frank Burgmeier <>

07/01/01 -- Parker, John (Amos) 53-16c Halingen AFB/Sheppard AFB Dec '53. - 508th ARSq Turner AFB KB-29s, '54 & '55-James Connally AFB High Speed Nav & Special Weapons '55 - Mather AFB B-47 lead In '55- 91th SRWg/376 BWg Lockboune AFB RB-47E & EB47E '56-'64 Sheppard AFB Titan II Missile School -64-65 570th SMWg Titan II ICBM Davis Monthan AFB Missle Crew Commander '65 67' Mather AFB RF4c Leadin Course '68 7th TRSq RTU Mt. Home AFB RF 4 C '68 14th TRSq Udorn RTAFB RF4C 175 combat missions RF4C '68 '69 9th TFSq Holloman AFB F4D '69 '72 9th TFSq Tahkli RTAFB 105 Combat Missions F4D '72 9th TFSq Holloman AFB '72-'73 F4D Retired March '73 Lt/Col "SAC SUCKS" View my album at

06/08/01 -- Kelley,Robert N. Class 66-? last at James Connolly-Lead/Instructor Navigator c-130 1966-1970 Pope AFB 779TAS EMAIL-

06/08/01 -- Taft, Joe H.; LTC (Ret). James Connally, Class 59-08, Mather, Class 60 VRB?. Master Nav. KC-97 F, G, & L at MacDill 1960-62; Hunter 1962-63; McGhee Tyson ANG Base 1964 - 1977. KC-135 at McGhee Tyson ANG Base 1977-87. Diched in KC-97-F on a flight from Harmon AFB to MacDill on 30 Mar 60.

06/06/01 -- Lloyd, Benson V. Capt. Ret. Harlingen AFB class 57-13C,Mather AFB class 58-B-RB Advanced Recon/Nav/Bombardier, Stead AFB class 58-D 3635th Combat Crew Advanced Survival, Davis-Monthan AFB '58,'59 43rd Bomb Wing 65th Bomb Squadron Combat Ready Nav/Bombardier on B-47E Lead Crew, Anderson AFB 59 Airmail Alert duty. Reservist '60,'61with 452nd Troop Carrier Wing on C-119.

06/03/01 -- Ross, William W (Bill), Lt Col Ret, Mather 74-04, C-130A/E (Clark 74-75); RC/DC-130A/E (Davis-Monthan 75-78); MC-130E (Kadena 78-81, Clark 81-85); 23 AF/HQ MAC/353d SOW Stan/Eval; MC-130H (Kirtland 94-99) Retired 1999; Mission planning/MC-130H instructor (Kirtland) "Still sitting sideways in TALONs, even if it's just the sim" Email

05/28/01 -- Rhodes, Milton, Coral Gables (Pan American), June 1943, 2nd Ferrying Group ATC Romulus Air Base, 20th Ferrying Group ATC Nashville, B-17, B-26, C-46, C-47, C-109, B-24, C-54, Foreign Transport Group ATC,Miami, C-87, C54, Morrison Field headed project to introduce radar (APS-10) to military air transport, 376th Troop Carrier USAFR Greater Pittsburgh Airport. Highest rank - Capt

05/25/01 -- Goldman, Robert J.; James Connally AFB Class 64-01. B-52C/D Nav and RN at Westover AFB, MA and McCoy AFB, FL, 1964 - 1972, 256 Missions over
VN. FB-111A Nav at Pease AFB, NH 1972 - 1977. Was Chief, Target Processing, 509BW/IN 1976-1977. Would love to hear from fellow Navs from that era.

05/17/01 -- Bodin, James P. "Pat", Enlisted 1966 (Phantom Phixer) Davis-Monthan, Cam Ranh Bay. Rejoined, OTS, Mather AFB 75-05, Charleston, 41 MAS 75-79; Nav (1545L) - C-141A, Nav, IN, FEN (1535) in EC-135H, KC-135A, E, R. Castle, 924 AREFS & 93 BMW 79-83; Mildenhall, 10ACCS & 513 TAW 83-87; Castle, 924 & 93, 87-90. Retired 1990. It was all fun. City Planner now in Central Valley of Calif.

05/15/01 -- Moran, Michael, Mather UNT Oct. 1969, NBT Sept. 1970, Nav/RN B-52G-D, 42BW, 69thBomb Sq. Loring AFB ME, Arc Light Utapao-Anderson, Xmas-72. 1971 Sac Bomb Comp, 1972 first AGM-69 Op Launch, StanEval Inst. Whalen where are you?

04/24/01 -- Robinson, William C. ; Mather, 74-21, C-130 Nav, IN, FEN, 774 TAS, 17 TAS, 773 TAS, 463 TAW (Flt Sim), 463 ALCS, Dyess 74-80, Elmendorf 80-84, Dyess 85-93.

04/24/01 -- Morrison, Michael W.; Mather, 84-20, EWO, B-52G, Couldn't get enough of Mather. After CCTS at Castle AFB, returned to the 320BMW(H). Stayed at Mather as an Instructor at the 453FTS (EW School) and kept my flight pay by teaching Navigation on the T43A. 11//03 chnaged to

04/16/01 -- Bradley, James "Jim", James Connelly, 61-??, EWO, B-52D, B-52D at Glasgow AFB (MT), F-105F Wild Weasel #520 at Tahkli RTAFB Nov68-Jul 69, AFIT Computer Science at TAMU Class of 1970, USREDCOM/J5 (JOPS), HQ TAC/XP/TACOPS, Boeing Mil. Airplane Co/Wichita 1980-1995.

04/14/01 -- Dassel, Sven- German Navy-Mather SUNT 89-04, WSO Tornado, Instructor, on the Sqadron since 1991 with 2000+hrs. Anyone from that class, if you feel like it, contact me. Happy flying !

04/09/01 -- Dumiak, Michael J.-Mather AFB Oct. 1969-WSO-RF-4C-Retired 1987 Lt. Col-Units flew with: 1TRS,14TRS,16TRS, 18TRS, 91TRS and Alabama ANG (Birmingham Unit) during their transition to the

4/05/01--White, Larry, Mather, 81-11, F-4G/EA-6B EWO. Staff at 17 AF,AFIWC, EUCOM, 39 WG. 35 combat missions (PROVIDE COMFORT) F-4G and 40 in EA-6B (NOTHERN WATCH).

3/31/01 -- Carter, Paul, Graduated August, 1944, Ellington Field, TX, Navigator, 35 combat missions during World War II in B-17 Flying Fortress, 391st Squadron, 34th Bomb Group, Mendlesham, Suffolk, England.

03/16/01 -- Dixon, John H. Mather AFB UNT Class 82-08, 450th FTS/449 FTS Castle AFB CCTS Reported to 668 BMS (H), 416 BMW, SAC, Griffiss AFB, New York, 10/10/82 First opperational B-52 squadron with the Offensive Avionics System/Cruise Missile Interface ( OAS/ALCM IOC ). Served as Mission Ready Navigator and Instructor Navigator prior to being selected to upgrade to Radar Navigator in 1984. Returned to Castle AFB for upgrade then returned to Griffiss AFB as a Mission Ready Radar Navigator. Separated from active duty in 1987 but entered the Air Force Reserve as a Civil Engineering Officer. Have served in a variety of assignments within TAC, ACC, and USAFE - currently the IMA to the commander of the 347th CES, Moody AFB, Georgia. Major John H. Dixon, USAFR E-mail: RCDConnected@AOL.Com

03/05/01 -- Barber, Phillip D. JCAFB UNT Aug 63, 85th ATS Travis AFB; Operations Plans HQ 22 AF Jan 65 - Jun 66; 6091st Recon Sq, Yokota AB, Japan - Jul 66 - Jul 67; Base Disaster Preparedness Officer Yokota AB, Japan, Oct 67 - Jan 70; Base Disaster Preparedness Officer, Barksdale AFB, LA, Jan 70 - Aug 71; Univ of Tulsa Coll fo Law, 71 - 74; Practiced law Nashville, TN 74 -79; Washington, DC 79- 97; also worked in Jubail Saudia Arabia Aug 81 - Oct 83.
Flew C-124 with 917th MAS at Barksdale AFB, LA Jan 70 - Jun 71; C-124 with OK ANG at Tulsa and OK City Aug 71 - Aug 73; C-141's at Charleston Reserve Associate 73 - 78. OSI Blytheville AFB 78- 79; C-141 Charleston 79 - 80; C-5A Dover AFB 80 - 81; Jubail Saudia Arabia Aug 81 - Oct 83.
Worked at FDIC, Washington DC as Chief, Contracts and Purchasing 1984 - 1997; Retired Jan 97; Apponted Administrative Judge Tennessee Jan 97 to present. Reserve Retired Major 1984.

03/04/01 -- Krueger, Lloyd O. January '44, Lead Navigator in B-17's w/ 95th Bomb Group, 336th Squadron at Horham, England. Flew 35 Combat Missions. Navigator in Air Transport Command until end of war.

02/26/01 -- Halpert, Sam; Selman, April '44, B-17 navigator, 35 missions with 91st Bomb Group. 324th Squadron, new e-mail 6/21/02

02/20/01 -- Jones, Tony; Mather AFB, 84-08; Navigator, C-130E/H, 21 TAS(MAC), Clark AB, RP, Sep 84-Mar 86. Instructor Navigator/Chief Flight Ops,C-130E, 7405th Ops Sq (USAFE), Rhein-Main AB, GE, Apr 86-Apr 90. Navigator/Assistant Chief Nav, C-130H, 772 ALS (AMC), Dyess AFB, TX, Jul90-Dec 92. Web page:

02/09/01 -- Blue, William , 61-04-A2 Harlingen Major Army/USAF/Navy Still looking for Billy Buchanna,.

02/08/01 -- Jackson, Paul Maj Graduated Sheppard AFB-Class 53H-29R, Vido Operator-RB-29 at Yokota AFB 1953-54, Instructor at Mather AFB 1955-59,Nav. B-47 at Little Rock AFB & Lincoln AFB 1959-66 and Missile Crew Com.& COB 1966-71. Retired 1971 in San Antonio. Now in Austin TX.

02/04/01 -- Schefler, Art - Harlingen AFB, 61-04, Navigator, KC/EC-135. I left Tanker and was a U-2 Nav for 3 years, then Offutt and Beale. Still fly light airplanes without getting lost.

--- Rother, Henry G. (Hank), Email update, (See 2/10/98 entry) Thanks.

01/22/01 -- Devlin, John F. (Jack); Graduated Harlingen AFB, TX - Class 56-17: NBT Mather AFB CA; NJANG; Recalled Jun 59; Flew KC-97/B-47 at Pease AFB, NH (100th BW); B-52F/G at Mather AFB CA, (320th BW); and FB-111A at Plattsburgh AFB NY (380th BW); 4007 CCTS Flight line and Academic Instructor and Chief FB-111A Nav/Bombardier Training. Retired Jul 77 -- Jack Devlin <>

-- Cole, Jeffrey R. Capt. Randolph AFB 96-15, Navigator, RC-135. Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude. Still having fun, I think...

-- Romack, Ed; Mather 740?; WSO, F-4: Luke AFB, Hahn AB, Osan AB, Taegu AB; UNT Instr., 450FTS, 455 FTS; AETC staff; ACC/9AF staff. new e-mail 4/20/01:

-- Arner, Lorenz "Don"; Harlingen 62-?? Whiteman - Malmstrom (KC 97), Griffiss (KC 135) Pleiku Combat Skyspot Controller and Watertown CEG RBS Ops Officer Back to 41st ARS at Griffiss until 1971 retire.

-- Duffy, Dennis; Randolph AFB, 01-02, Navigator, KC-135R, McConnell AFB,

-- Hipps, Robert L. ; Major (Retired); Mather; 67-10; WSO; F-4C/D/E; E-mail: updated 3/28/02 ; Homepage/biography: updated 3/28/02

-- Lippincott, Paul R., Basic class 52-20 (Cadet), Basic Base: Ellington AFB, TX.Graduated as a B-29 Radar/Navigator. Flew as a Radar/Navigator/Bombardier on B-29's, B-47's And B-52's. Based at Smoky Hill AFB, Ks, Altus AFB, OK, And Dyess AFB, TX. Served longest with the 96th Bomb Wing at Dyess AFB, TX (9 years). If you need to contact me:E-mail

12/21/00 -- Dornfeld, Gerald R.; James Connally AFB, 61-20, Navigator, KC-97G, C124C, KC-97L,

-- Elliott, Hall; Harlingen, 60-03N, RO/RIO/WSO, F-101B, Forward Air Navigator (FAN )in SEA in O-2A.,

-- Gerding, Jay - Ellington 58-04, Navigator on C-119. C-130, C-97, C-141 & C-5, aircraft maintenance officer on U-2, F-4, UH-1 & C-5. Updated e-mail

(18 Nov 00)
11/14/00 -- Duncan, Jon Capt., Randolph/Pensacola 95-10, EWO, EE on AC-130U at Hurlburt, now IE on MC-130H at RAF Mildenhall, 352nd Group EWO,

(18 Nov 00)11/12/00 -- Hoxie (Kwiatkowski) Diane; Mather; 82-3; KC-135 Instructor - Blythevill AFB, AR 82-87; husband is now a squadron commander in the pacific - 3 children;

(18 Nov 00)11/10/00 -- McClaine, Dick (Major, Ret) Class 55-08, Ellington AFB. Jul ' 55 - Apr ' 59 KC-97G, Dow AFB; Apr ' 59 - Jul ' 66 CCTS/KC-135 aircrew Beale AFB; Jul ' 66 - Jul ' 71 Staff Intelligence positions: Bergstrom AFB, 7/13AF Udorn RTAFB, Hq PACAF, 475 TFW Misawa AB, Japan; Jul ' 71 - Jul ' 74 (retired) KC-135 Stan/Eval aircrew Pease AFB. Currently, academic instructor (ground school) at FlightSafety Academy - professional pilot's training academy - in Vero Beach, Florida.

(18 Nov 00)10/28/00 -- Neale, Chris - Harlingen, 61-09/B-6 Nav. C-124, C-130, RB-57F. UPT - F-111A, O-2A, KC-135, FB-111, T-41. Retired in 1985 as LTC. Always just wanted to fly! Am still doing it as Chief Pilot for a large corporation.

(18 Nov 00)10/25/00 -- Alva, Miguel, Harlingen, 60-11N, Nav-Bomb, B66 & B57, ALVA_HOMES@HOTMAIL.COM

(18 Nov 00)10/19/00 -- Pallone, Donald, Mather AFB, 90-16, C-130 Georgia Air National Guard. Instructor Navigator, Maintenance Squadron Commander, Full-time Logistics Group Commander (email updated 3/02) Thanks, Donald Pallone

-- Hobbs, Daemon E.; NAS Penascola 97-99, EWO School Corry Field, current B-1B WSO, 9th BS, Dyess,,

-- Martin, Tim (Maj, Ret) 81-13, KC/EC-135A,R/RT Instructor Nav, E-8C (Joint STARS) Instructor Nav. Currently working C-130 Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) issues with Innovative Technologies Corporation in Warner Robins, GA.

-- Shrack, Gene - Harlingen 59-19 - Nav B-47 Lockbourne AFB - Nav/Bomb B-52 Wright-Patterson AFB and March AFB - FB-111 Pease AFB - Staff officer MacDill AFB -

-- Maguire, Joseph J., Col (ret); James Connally; 66-04; Master Navigator; B-52-D and G, FB-111, KC-135, T-41 at Seymour Johnson, Plattsburgh, March and USAFA plus 12 years at the Pentagon and a tour in Korea. Currently with the National Nuclear Security Administration.

-- Duwe, Ronald N. (Major, Ret.) Nav Instructor, James Connally AFB 59-65; 75th MAS, Travis AFB, 67-70. Would like to hear from anyone who was one of his students or flew with him at either assignment. Contact Richard Duwe --

-- Blue, William, Major, Harlingen, 61-04-A2 KC-135/C130. Shot video of B-52 crash at Fairchild AFB Wa in 1994. It was on CBS News. Home page at <>

-- Kuska, Frank J., Major, Mather 89-01. C-130E/H IN, 345 TAS, Yokota, AC-130H IN, 16 SOS, Hurlburt, and AC-130U EN/EW (Nav and FCO), 4 SOS and 16 OG/OGV at Hurby. 4000 hours with O1 time in the Desert, Somalia, and Bosnia. Currently a TALO at Ft Stewart with the 3rd Inf Div (Mech)-talk about a fish out of water!

07/24/00 --
Kwist, Gary, Major, USAF (Ret). Graduated J.Connally Dec 1965, MATS/MAC Dover AFB 1965-1974, 31 TCS C-124, 20 MAS C-141, 9 MAS C-5A, 16 SOS C-130A Korat 1975, C-130 7405 Ops Sq Rhein Main AB 1975-1982, 71 ARRS Elmendorf 1982-1985. 10,000 hour crewdog.

07/12/00 -- Scobey, Mark, Maj, USAF Ret.Sr Nav. Harlingen 61-02N. Nav B52H/D;C124;C54;C117.Kincheloe,Tachikawa,Yokota,March,Dyess,Offutt

07/10/00 -- Stuve,Glenn F., Harlingen, 57-20, Radar Intercept School Nov57-May58 at James Connally, F-89 -D, assigned 54th FIS, Ellsworth
May58-Nov60, F-89-J,

07/04/00 -- Mackison, Dr. Donald L., Harlingen, 58-08N. Currently teaching Aerospace Engineering (Guidance, Navigation, and Controls) at the
University of Colorado.

05/15/00 -- Richey, Donald, Mather, 87-04 SUNT, EN, C-130E/H, 908OG/OGV, Stationed at: Clark AB PI, Yokota AB Japan, Pope AFB NC, Keesler AFB MS, and Maxwell AFB AL. Gatorfly12@AOL.Com

05/03/00 -- Finlayson, Donald, Lt Col, USAF (Ret), Monroe, La., Jan '44, Navigator, B24, 8th AF out of Horsham St. Faith near Norwich.

04/28/00 -- Floyd, Johnny B. , Major, USAF, Ret. Harlingen 61-09 BONG SQUADRON, KC-97, KC-135, C-130A, SAC Command posts. Retired June 1984.

04/28/00 -- Connolly, Sheila Randolph, LC-130 (skibirds)

04/28/00 -- Kostuch, Tom; Mather AFB; Class 79 -05; Castle AFB then GFAFB, ND 1500+ hours B52 G/H; Nav, IN, Radar Nav. Would like to hear from former associates.

04/23/00 -- Hobbs, Daemon E.; NAS Penascola 97-99, EWO School Corry Field, current B-1B WSO, 9th BS, Dyess,

03/30/00 -- Cox, Christopher V. H., Harlingen, 61-07D6. The gnats, remember? Looking for Mr. Freeman (still have that pic you took of me and Gloria in the back seat of your car at Padre on the beach), and Mr. Mihalow (I still have your celestial student workbook which you gave me when I couldn't find mine after graduation.)

03/29/00 -- Potteiger, Thomas; Maj, Mather 83-01, C-130E (Clark), AWADS (Pope), HC-130P/N (Kadena), MC-130P (Duke), C-130H (Dobbins), C-130J (Lockheed-Marietta), Next assign: Robins .......

03/25/00 -- Leach, Charles; Harlingen AFB; 59-18; Master Nav.; B-47, retired O-6; Nashville, TN;

03/22/00 -- Col. (Ret) Koch, Jr., William C., Harlingen, 56K, Master Navigator, C-118/EC-121, Flew with MATS at McGuire, flew with ADCOM at

03-11-00 -- Meeks, Daniel, Randolph, 01-02, FN student, T-43A, need a littleadvice on choosing to go EWO,

03/06/00 -- Schaubert, David, Mather - March 83, Master Nav KC-135R, 43AREFS(Fairchild) / 905AREFS(Grand Forks) / 93AREFS (Castle Instructor) / currently SIOP Training Officer and AGR O-4(O-5sel) in New York ANG 107ARW/136ARS, the first operational Pacer CRAG KC-135 line unit and thus I have been replaced by an 85mb PCMCIA card. For "everything you wanted to know about Pacer CRAG but were afraid to ask", see, ..........

03/01/00 -- Simmons, Jason, cadet headed to nav school. Hello, myself and about 5 other Firsties are soon to be LT's with our dreams coming true by getting into a cockpit, even if our buddies brag that it is not as cool as UPT. Personally, I am very excited about my training in Pensacola and look forward to some day wearing the wings that most of you reading this wear. I was wondering if any of you have words of advice. And if you are or know anyone who has gone through Fighter/Bomber (P-Cola) track recently if you could pass my e-mail address on to them ... I have questions! Thanks. JW Simmons ......(see also ... AFNOA Bulletin Board)

02/14/00 -- Martini, Anthony Paul, --Class 74-something---USAF(73-79)--Mather, Homestead, Udorn RTAFB, Hill AFB--F4E & D WSO. Thank God the F4 had an INS.

02/03/00 -- Palazzolo Peter, Colonel, -- has new email -- original visit , 9/29/98 -- USAF(Ret)-Hondo AAF, TX (AT-7)-Class 45-1-Navigator- C-54(2500 hrs) C-124 (2000 hrs) - 5050 Total hrs- ( -- old)

01/24/00 -- Wolff, Elroy ("Roy"); Harlingen 58-08N and James Connally 59M RI. Served as RI instructor at Connally in 3565th Nav Training Squadron -1959-60; F-89 D and J ,T-33, TB-25 M and T-29. Will join AFNOA. Would like to hear from old friends.

01/24/00 -- Verlin (Ted) Crosley, LTC, Harlingen Class 61-04, Mather AFB 1962, Master Nav., C-135, WC-135, C-130, C-124. Assignments 18th & 40th ATSs - McGuire AFB, 56th WRS - Yokota AFB. Separated 10/1968. Joined USAFR 1970. Assigned Hamilton ARFB, Sunnyvale AFS, Travis AFB. Retired from USAFR in Dec. 1987. Retired from Lockheed, Sunnyvale, CA Jul 1997. Hello to all of you that I knew and served with. I enjoyed visiting your web site.

01/23/00 -- Sutton, Les, Mather 74-21, Master Navigator, T-29,C-5A, T-43A,C-141B, I am retired from the Air Force but have been a Navigation Academic Instructor at Randolph AFB since October 95. I work for LSI who the Air Force contracted to do the academic training for Navigator training.

01/19/00 -- Bush, William J (Bill), Col, USAF (Ret), James-Connally AFB, TX, Class 64-11, Master Navigator, C-130s - 7300 Hours (C-130A, B, E, H, MC-130 and the ABCCC). Still pushing aircraft around from the Tanker Airlift Control Center, HQ Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, IL as Chief, Airlift Allocation Division. Charter Member of the "United States Air Force Navigators Association" in 1970 - went defunct in 73 after Lt. Col "Hoot" Hollorah became the first nav to command a flying squadron (Dyess). That was our only reason for being - allow navs to command!

01/16/00-- Welch, Harry; Ellington AFB, 55-08, Navigator, KC-135, Started out in KC-97 at Wichita Falls, TX, 380th AREFS. Squadron moved
to Plattsburgh AFB in '56. KC-135's at Westover 99AREFS in '59, Ramey AFB in '65, Plattsburgh AFB back to the 380th in '68 and retired in Jan '74. Presently captain of 230ft cruise ship in New Hampshire.

01/07/00 -- Rodenas, Jesualdo. Spanish Air Force. Randolph AFB, Class 95-13, NAV,P-3, I would like to contact whomever wants to tell me whatever about the navigator carreer progression and opportunities, mainly if you have the opportunity to make the higher ranks.I would like to contact any of my classmates. Jesualdo Martinez Rodenas <>

01/04/00 -- West, Henry, Pan American Airways Fla, 41-03, Mstr Nav, Instrtr Mather 9/41-3/42 AT7, Troop Carrier C47, B17 8/12th AF, OIC CNT's Rapid City, Alamogordo, MATS C54 Wilmington/Westover, SAC B-29 Salina, B29/B47 Barksdale, SEG (B47),McDill,Chief of Stanboard Guam, B52Mather, Staff, hwest@sac,

12/18/99 -- Day, William R. -- I have an Visitors Log entry for 11/27/98, all the information is still current except for my e-mail address which is now: (updated 9/10/01)

12/01/99 -- Miller, Kenneth Maj USAFR Ret Harlingen/Waco class 54-15 Flew C-54, C-121, C-123 & C-124 acft. Recalled for 16 mo after "Pueblo" in 1968 [700 MAS Dobbins AFB]. Worked 11 years for Boeing & Lockheed as a design and stress analyst engineer [B-707, B-727, KC135, C-130, C-140, C-141 & C-5 acft]. Fully retired since'92. Volunteer with Cobb County, GA Habitat for Humanity two days a week. (changed 11/03)

-- White, Anthony; Randolph AFB TX, Class 98-10, Navigator, RC-135, Former intel officer turned "Crew Dog," now flying for the 38th Recon Sq at Offutt AFB NE, e-mail:

11/24/99 -- Peck, Vincent Bruce; Graduated Harlingen AFB, TX - class 59-12; Flew B-47s at Hunter AFB, GA; B-58s at Grissom AFB, IN (Bunker Hill AFB), CCTS instructor; Initial cadre of FB-111A instructors at Carswell AFB, TX and Director Nav/Bombardier Training FB-111A 4007 CCTS at Plattsburgh AFB, NY.

11/21/99 -- Espino, Eric; Randolph 96-01; MC-130P RTU Instructor Navigator

11/16/99 -- Barchak, Ed "BAGS"; Pensacola, FL; Wings April 97; WSO B-1B; I am a "TIGER" in the 37th Bomb Squadron at Ellsworth AFB, SD;

11/03/99 -- Torbert, James B. 73, Master Nav, T-29, C-130, K/C-135A/E/Q. Presently Logistics Commander at 161st Air Refueling Wing, Phoenix, AZ. Stationed at March, Phoenix, Forbes, Lackland, Offutt, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Deny flight. et al. Just returned from Allied Force. Email address:

10/25/99 -- Gene F. Shrack, LtCol (USAF/Ret), Harlingen 59-19, Nav/Radar B-47, B-52 and FB-111,

10/23/99 -- LAMPARD, Clarke S.; EAFB 50-DNE; Master Nav, all MATS/MAC & Air Rescue aircraft; FOUNDER of TENOA, which evolved into AFNOA. My class meets every two years to fulfill the original goals of TENOA; will meet next in Oct 2000, in the Boston area---Pongrace & Mc Chesney staying healthy. I am so proud of the results of my searching for my class in 1984. Hail to Pete Karnoski, Joe Lyons, C.O. Smith and Jack Mudie for a fabulous job (the happy volunteers). JUST HAD 3D GREAT GRAND CHILD BORN !! Golf and doubles tennis every day!!!

10/10/99 -- Bowman, Jon; Harlingen 60-03, Mather 60-10, Navigator, B-52H & D's; Flew first "H" models at Wurtsmith AFB.

10/7/99 -- Hinton, Charles W., Ellington class 51-27. The 50th Anniversary of the Korean War is approaching. Please link to: This is the story of the 13th Bomb Squadron during the Korean War, - B-26, low level, night intruders, and of course we flew with Navigators/Observers/Bombardiers on each crew. Please sign the guest 13th Bomb sq guest book so I'll know you found us.

9/21/99 -- INSLEY, Gordon, USAF Captain & 1956 MIA. Help needed locating any information on my uncle. B-47 Stratojet navigator, stationed with SAC at McDill AFB, Tampa. Flight disappeared on 3-10 or 11 1956 over French Morocco. Any info, leads, advice, personal remembrances -- contact:

08/28/99 -- Ronnie H. Gill, Mather AFB, 72-02, KC-135 Nav, Loring, Castle, Tenn ANG (Knoxville), Barksdale AFB (8th AF Advisor), Scott AFB ( ANG Advisor to CC), 5,000 plus hrs, currently at ANG Advisor, SAF/IG Pentagon, "GUARD IS GREAT, GUARD IS GOOD"

-- Matthes, Peter, C130, 41 TAS, Ubon, 1969, Looking for anyone who knew my brother Pete whose plane crashed 24 NOV 69 in Laos and Ludwell Denny,

-- Stewart, Bert, Ellington 53-12, Mather for advanced RB-36. Nav, PN, VO, RO, IN, in RB-36, GRB-36, F-89 D,J, C-124, C-130 A,B,H. 5500 hrs. Combat crew in SAC, MAC, TAC and ADC. Sure miss all that fun (except sitting on the ground watching Ol Shakey being fixed).

-- McGinnis, James, James Connally, 54-07C (cadet), Nav Instructor, T-29, C-47, B-25, Would like to contact other instructors at Connally during 1954-1959,

-- Walls , Marvin MAJ RET, Ellington AFB , 56-05 , Master Navigator, KB-29 , C-97 , T-29 , KC-135 . Bergstrom AFB 56, Rhein Main AB 56-60 , James Connally AFB 60-64 Instructor , Intel School 64 , Yokota AB 64-68 , MACV 69 , MACTHAI 70-72 , Grissom AFB 72-75 .

-- Danaher, Jere J, Col, USAF(ret) Ellington 55-09 N/B/W

-- Fredrickson, Kenneth. Harlingen AFB. Class 61-18C1. MATS navigator out of McGuire AFB C-118 1961-1965. new 09/10/01

-- Norman, Seth W.; Harlingen, 54-10 Senior Navigator, B-29, C-119, SA-16, C-54, B-26, C-124, C-97 (corrected 9/10/99) or

7/7/99 -- Nicolosi, Louis J., Ellington, 53-13, Harlingen for Advanced. I was a navigator during the years 1952-56, B-29s, C-124s.

7/7/99 -- Faucett, Robert L., Ellington, 56-05A, AOTU Class at Mather AFB in 56, McConnell AFB in High Speed Navigation B-47 training and SAC survival school, Stead AFB. I served as a combat ready navigator-bombardier on B-47's with the 1st Bomb Squadron at Mt. Home AFB, Idaho in 1957 and 1956. I later served for several years with the 452nd Troop Carrier Wing at Long Beach AFB and March AFB in C-119's. I am now a very active flight instructor specializing in training instrument pilots. Please add my name to list of those interested in aviation and the Air Force Navigation Association.

6/10/99 -- William E. Parrish, Ellington, 53-17, Radar Nav, 420ARS 54 Q-13--B-47 308BW Hunter. 380BW-Plattsburgh, 3908SSG-1st CEG Barksdale, LA

5/03/99 -- LOWELL A GERE, ELLINGTON 55-20, NAV B-47, '56 TO '59,

5/1/99 -- Sturgill, Scott A., Major, Mather, 87-02S, B52G Radar Navigator-340 BMS Eaker AFB '87-91 (Desert Storm), B-1B IOSO-28BS McConnell AFB '91-'94; Initial Cadre-Joint USAF/USN Nav School VT4- Pensacola FL '94-'98. Currently at HQ ACC Langley AFB, VA.

4/30/99 -- John A. Galleazzi, Mather AFB, April 1970. EC-47 at Phu Cat Ab, RVN 1970-1971, IN. T-29 IN, 1971-1973. T-43A IN 1973-1975. Member of T-43A Initial Cadre at Boeing (OT&E). Delivered first T-43A to Mather AFB (Tail number 1-1403). Currently an administrator with University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore, MD. Still enjoy flying but have switched from Cessnas to sailboats.

04/06/99 -- Henry, George. Mather, 71-04, 3540 NTS. C-130E, CCK, Dec 70-Apr72. Instructor, Mather, 72-76, 451 FTS and Simulator Instructor, T-29C and T-43A. 76-77, HC-130H,N,P, 305 ARRS, Selfridge ANGB, MI. 77-81, Director of Training, 4th AF, McClellan AFB, CA. 83-94, Ops Plans Officer, HQ Air Rescue Service, McClellan AFB, CA. Retired 1 Nov 94 as Lieutenant Colonel. Still work with AF as Protocol Officer--retiring 29 Sep 99.

04/17/99 -- Schuermann, Max ; James-Connely class 64-08. Ellsworth AFB in KC-135s 1974-75. Takhli, Thailand in KC-135s in 1966. Howard AFB, Canal Zone 1967-70 in C-46, AC-47s. Kirtland AFB NM in RB-57Fs 1970-73. Cannon AFB NM in F-111Ds 1974 to 77. Was a WSO Flight Commander in the 523rd Tac Fighter Squadron when I retired.

04/17/99-- Sarbell, Robert P, JamesConnally AFB, Class 63-14 (graduated 12Feb 1963), UNT; C-124A/C at 53TCS,Hunter AFB, Ga 63-65; HC-130H/P/N at36ARRS, Tachikawa AB, Japan65-68(450Combat hours in HC-54 and HC-130 at Udorn AB, Thailand in 1965-66; Rescue Controller at 44ARRS, Robins AFB, Ga, 68-70; HC-130H/P/N IN/FEN/Stan Eval NAvat 31 ARRS, Clark AB, PI, 70-71; HC-130H/P/N Stan Eval Nav at 41 ARRS, Hamilton AFB and McClellan AFB, Ca 71-75; HC-130 Wing Stan Eval Nav at 41st RWRW, McClellan AFB, Ca 75-78;USCINCEUR JRCC SAR Coordinator atRamstein AB, Germany 78-82. Retired Oct1983. 1984-(2003) at Lockheed Martin in Ga, Engineering Design Change Coordinator for C-130J programs with emphasis in Defensive Systems and Integrated Systems. Still active in amateur astronomy. new e-mail March 03, now retired from Lockeed

04/14/99 -- Humme, Carel T., Ellington, 50E, Navigator, RB26 & C124, Pilot Training Class 55E,Retired 1978, Life Member TENOA, Still flying as a flight instructor:

04/14/99. -- Lumsdon, John. Harlingen, TX. Graduated from Nav School 11/07/57 and from Electronic Warfare school in July, 1958. EWO. B-52.. Crewed at Barksdale and became Wing Combat Intell, there and at Minot. Went to U-Tapao as Wing DI. 3AF EWO from 67-72 at South Ruislip Air Station (UK). HQ TAC Plans until retirement March 78. Great ride.

4/11/99 -- Horace S. (Hal) Turell, Selman Field 43/15, 8th Air Force, 445th Bomb group, 703 Squadron, Jimmy Stewart comanding. Thirty missions as navigator, Then taught radar at Langley Field. Seperated 12/45 recalled 1952 to B29s SAC seperated after 18 months. This August 20, 82 years young. Still weight lifting!

04/10/99 -- Hawkins,Charles D. ,Harlingen 53-17C Nav Fly in C-124,C141 mainly retired in 1973 as master Nav with over 7000 hrs.Stationed, K-8 Korea 1954, Johnson AFB,Japan 1954,55, Harlingen 1956,57, USAF Res 1957-1967 , Called to active duty with Dobbins AFB,Ga unit (C124) in 1968. In 1969 transfered to Charleston AFB,Sc,retired from there July 1973. Last postion was Sqdn Standboard Nav. Email,would love to hear from old friends.

04/08/99 -- Strakos, Joshua; OTS/navigator trainee select, researching nav platforms/training, appreciate info on platform selection, assignments by platform, training by platform, TDY by platform, and any advice you wish to share, Thanks,

04/03/99 -- Lampard, Clarke, EAFB, 50-DNE, NAV, MATS/MAC Comments: Happy Easter!! I was the [AFNOA] founder and am now president emeritus of DR-AHEAD and TENOA. WHAT A FABULOUS JOB OUR AFNOA STAFF ARE DOING!!! (4-3-99). over and out!!!

04/03/99 -- Meeks, Daniel, Cadet, Texas A&M Det 805, will be commissioned in May. Requesting good advice for living at Randolph AFB and how to excel in nav training. Thinking of pipelining into EWO. No navigators at my detachment. Need career advice. Gig'em.

04/03/99 -- Moore,John. Mather (advanced), Harlingen (first nav class there), 53-04C. Instructor at Mather on K nav-bomb system. Entered pilot training via 56-L (Marana, Webb, West Palm). Assigned to MATS.

03/31//99 -- C.O. Smith (see AFNOA Bulletin Board). Ex- Bomb-Nav B-26/B-29/B-47. . Anyone out there who flew the B-57 in an operational squadron and NAM care to share their ecperiences? I have often been curious about, missions, equipment, impressions of the A/C ,etc. C.O. Smith. E-mail: 4/4/99),,

3/11/99 -- Meyers, Herbert, James Connally AFB, 52-30, Aircraft Observer-All Weather Interceptor, F94B, F89D, Okinawa 53-54, Ground Observer Corps/Seattle 1955,

02/27/99 -- Rankin, Carroll S., Kelly Field 42-4 Navigator B-24. Would like to hear from anyone in or near Class 42-4 at Kelly Field and anyone with 380th Bomb Group (H) at Mindoro and Okinawa 1945.

02/14/99 -- Ted Graser: 53-11 & 53-P Ellington, BONB29 at Randolph, Nov 53 (8th bw yokota) Okinawa B29 jul 53 to snov 53, 26th ARS) Columbus, Westover, Plattsburgh) for nine years Bergstrom(the worst wing I was ever associated with)64/65 Pope AFB and the best Acft ever the C130, TAC Airlift Center then Okinawa and the best airlift sq ever the 21st Bee Liners, Back to Plattsburgh and the end in 1978, 6000+ hours 600+ combat sorties and more dam war stories than anyone since Tarzan (Theodore Graser,

02/01/99 -- Portney, Joe, [Training base and class (?)] I just retired from Litton GCS after 38 years. I was a navigator in the US Air Force (1952-1960) in B-26's and B-47's. At Litton I was an engineer involved with the design and test of several generations of inertial navigation systems and their testing at the North Pole (from INS star trackers to ring laser gyro INS's). The last 30 years I was a program manager of aircraft inertial navigation systems. I was president of the Institute of Navigation 1989-1990. I am currently self employed as a navigation consultant.

01/29/99 -- Rod Novales , OTS Navigator Candidate or

01/29/99 -- John F. Mason, Graduated Hondo, Texas, navigation school, 1942. Trained in B-17s at Dyersburg, TN, flew plane to England Chelveston AB, England, 305th Bomb Group, assigned to 422nd Sq, to fly nights with RAF. This changed quickly to delivering propaganda, one plane to one target. Now live in Spain.

01/28/99 -- Mudie, Jack, Lt.Col., USAF (Ret.), Ellington 50-F. Flt test nav, Griffiss AFB, NY (B-17, B-29, C-54, others), 6th TCS, Tachikawa (C-124); Hq ARDC; 98th BW, Lincoln (B-47); 379th BW, Wurtsmith (B-52H); ACSC Class of '64; Hq SAC Data Processing Exec; HQ MACV Plans; JCS. (WWMCCS).

01/25/99 -- Meyer, Charles, Harlingen, 61-08, Nav, C-121, C-130 at CAFB, SC Sure would like to find old classmates who graduated 61-07 & 61-08.

01/07/99 -- Howland, John W., Hondo Texas, 5 Aug 1943, Pathfinder Navigator (DR), B-17, 8th US Air Force, 1st Division, 1st Combat Wing, 381st and 91st Bomb Groups, 1943 &44. I am so ancient, I took pre-flight at Ellington. Some experiences shown on the 381st web page.<>. Email,

- Monahan, Charles; Harlingen AFB, 57-14. KC-97 71st ARS Dow AFB 57-60. Pilot training Reese AFB 60-61. F102 at Torrejon AFB 62-63, and Ramstein AFB 63-66. United Airlines 1966-1996 retired living in Naples Fl.

12/17/98 -- Sneed, Ralph G. "Glenn", Mather AFB, 79-08R, IRN, B-52, ATC Instructor - UNT, Flight Scheduler - 5BMW, SMDPS Administrator - DOX - 5BMW,Program Manager for the B-52 and KC-135 Simulator Modification Programs - HQ SAC, Sq.: Ellsworth AFB - 37BMS and 77 BMW, Mather AFB - 451 FTS, Minot AFB - 23 BMS and 5 BMW/DOX, Castle AFB - Det. 1 31 TES/HQ SAC, Glen.Sneed@Qwest.Net

11/30/98 -- Madsen, Norman J., Ellington, 55-20C. Radar Observer F-94C Langley, Ops officer 4670th GOSDet. Looking for fellow class members for a Possible reunion.

11/27/98 -- Day, William R., Harlingen AFB, 61-09 (B-4), 54th TCS C-124 Donaldson AFB, SC. and Hunter AFB, GA, 320 SMS (Minuteman) F.E. Warren AFB, WY. C-119 96th TCS AFRES MSP Airport. Thirty-three years as a pilot for Northwest Airlines. Retired on Oct. 31, 1998 as a 747 captain at Seattle. (email updated 12-19-99)

11/15/98 -- Kuska, Frank J., Maj, Mather Class 89-01, AC-130U Dual qualified Evaluator Navigator/Fire Control Officer. Former AC-130Hs (16 SOS) and C-130E/Hs with the 345th at Yokota. About 4000 hours with time in the Desert, Somalia, and Bosnia. About to PCS into the TALO world.

11/15/98 -- Kelly, Robert E. Lt.Col, Harlingen 56-06C went to Adv AO at Mather 4/56-10/56, Stead for Survival, then to the 55th SRW at Forbes NAV/BOMB on RB-47H and K's later went into the reserves. Had a contract to work on the F105 Doppler Nav Sys at Eglin and Nellis followed by contracts with the Marines At Quantico and Army at Ft Rucker for the system aboard helicopter s. The name of my company at the time (1960-65) was Lab For Electronics or LFE for short.

10/25/98 -- Heist, Harry E., Lt Col, USAF (Ret), Ellington AFB - Class 55-08. Total time 10,000 hours logged mostly in C-124 and C-5. Specialist in Air Operations and Personnel Management. Archivist for the Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB, Delaware. Email:

9/29/98 -- Palazzolo Peter, Colonel,USAF(Ret)-Hondo AAF, TX (AT-7)-Class 45-1-Navigator- C-54(2500 hrs) C-124 (2000 hrs) - 5050 Total hrs- ( -- old) All C-54 and C-124 time on Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic flights with MATS out of Hickam AFB anf Brookley AFB. Became IN and Flight Examiner for MATS units. Quit flying in 1962 and followed Personnel Career ending up at AF Military Personnel Center, Randolph AFB. Retired 1973 after 30 yrs. Nav tng in 44-45 included map reading,radio compass, light line night nav, DR, and Celestial w/ A-10A sextant. Trained in Beechcraft AT-7 which carried max 3 students. Graduated 1/6/45 at age 19 as Flight Officer.

09/20/98 -- Vincenzo Ruggiero, 96-02 SUNT Randolph AFB,TX active duty Tornado Italian Air Force.Stationed Ghedi AB ,102nd Sq. 6th Stormo. If anyone from my class reads this please contact me or Edi Turco at Just want to know how you guys are doing!

09/19/98 -- Piatek, Edward F. Capt. Mather 76-04, KC-135A Nav Instructor/Evaluator 76-79/First Non-Pilot Wing Command Post Controller 384ARW,80-81, McConnell AFB, KS, Fairchild 43rd ARS Nav Instructor, 81-83 then bailed out to National Semiconductor Corp., Danbury, CT 83-90, then Zierick Mfg., Mt Kisco, NY 90-98. Update 3/02: In 1998 I was looking for employment within 45 miles of Inverness, FL. I started working the next week in Ocala for Signature Brands(Betty Crocker & Cake-Mate Cake Icing) Mfg. My military experience was worthwhile but it didn't teach me to avoid retired Army Msgt's with their own "ideas" and that job ended in 27 mos. Although it paid well, by the hour, the rate was low, and we worked people to death before the holidays. I have found a saner spot in the Florida Dept of Children & Families as an Eligibility Specialist. The hours are great and match my wife's so we can spend time with grandkids, golf, and fish year round in central Florida. I even have an F-4 Sq CC as a coworker!

09/11/98 -- Dahlgren, Gregory C., Lt Col, USAF (Ret), Mather AFB--UNT Class 76-11, C-141A Navigator/86 MAS at Travis AFB from 76-79, E-3A Navigator and Instructor Navigator/964 AWACS and 966 AWACTS at Tinker AFB from 79-83, T-43A Instructor/Flight Commander/452 FTS and Chief of UNT Stan/Eval at Mather AFB from 83-86, AF Recruiting Squadron Operations Officer at Houston, TX 86-89, AF Recruiting Squadron Commander at Mather AFB, CA 89-92, Chief of Enlisted Programs for AF Recruiting Service at Randolph AFB, TX 92-96. Now retired and working for Northrop Grumman teaching Navigator Academic Training for the E-8C Joint STARS at Robins AFB, GA. Greg Dahlgren

09/09/98 -- Gerding, Jay, Ellington AFB, 58,04, Navigator & aircraft maintenance, C-5, JAYARIZONA@

09/03/98 -- Oberbroeckling, Mike "OB" , Mather, 90-12, KC-135,, I have been assigned at Ellsworth AFB and now Fairchild AFB. Capt Mike Oberbroeckling, Chief Evaluator Navigator, 92 OG/OGV, DSN 657-5851/2010,

8/28/98 -- C.O. Smith, 9/26/51 Ellington AFB Class 52-07-C ( Navigator 1037), Mather AFB Class 52-B-26 ( T-29 & B-25) low Level Nav, Bombing (Norden B/S)RADAR APQ-24 Rated AOB (1521E-B-26).

7/16/98 -- Wheeler, David K., Ellington, 56-09, Ellington Electronics Instructor until 9/57, RC-121D Nav @ Otis AFB MA through 9/58 w/TDY Tyndall to learn Weapons Controller AFSC, Kotzebue AK through 9/59, Otis again through 8/61, Tyndall AFB FL as Weapons Controller Instructor in Refresher Course through 12/62, Mather AFB CA NBT Student through 7/62, TDY Stead AFB NV and Castle AFB CA for B-52 qualification, Biggs AFB TX B-52B Nav and RN through 12/65, Griffiss AFB B-52G through 11/73, Skyspot Controller at Det 15 1 CEVG Camp Drum NY through 3/75 (Lackland classmate of Wayne Freeman, above)

07/04/98 -- Smith, William (Bill) F., Colonel, USAF; graduated UNT (Oct 75) and EWT (Apr 76); B-52H CCTS, Castle AFB 1976; K.I. Sawyer 1976-79; Mather AFB 1979-84; Yongsan AIT, Seoul, Korea 1984-86; Castle AFB 1986-87; Camp Smith, HI 1987-91; Univ of Pitt 1991-92; Camp Smith, HI 1992-96; Bolling AFB 1996-Present. E-mail:

07/09/98 -- Jones, Ryan; Pensacola NAS, Class 01/99, student nav; I'm heading down to Pensacola in Aug. Any info from previous and current students would be a great help and greatly appreciated. Thanks!

6/27/98 -- Neiman, Ben; Class 55-02 Ellington; Navigator& ECM; B-52 Loring AFB Me.; living in Houston, Tx. since 1958; email

-- Marlowe, Keith E, Mather, 90-13, KC-135R / EC-135N&Y, Nav/IN/EN, 905th AREFS, 906 ARS, 319 OSS Grand Forks 90-97, 91 ARS, 6 OSS MacDill 97-98

5/26/98 -- Francis, Stephen, Mather, 77-13, KC-135, Fairchild, RC-135S, Eielson, C-130, AKANG, HC-130, 304th ARRS, Portland, FrancisSP@Home.COM. Left active duty back in 83 to become a CPA at Price Waterhouse. Now a manager of information systems for General Electric. Enjoyed what I did in the AF and those I served with. FrancisSP@Home.Com

5/23/98 -- Schorr, Robert W., Colonel, USAFR (Ret) James Connally AFB UNT 63-04; C124 Nav/IN/FEN, Dover AFB, Hickam AFB; C141 Nav/IN/FEN Robins AFB, Charleston AFB; C130H Nav Dobbins AFB. 12,600 Hrs flying time. AF Reserve Operations Staff Officer, HQ 14th Air Force; IMA...US Special Operations Command(Atlantic), Ft Bragg/NS Norfolk; IMA, Director, US Special Operations Command/J9 (Psychological Operations), McDill AFB. To my many flying mates, comrades, and friends over the years...

Cast off the tiedown chains
Taxi away from safe parking spot
Catch the tailwind in your flight plan
Dare to
Challenge the unknown
Laugh at the devil
Dare the odds
Be the Aircraft commander of your fate
Be the star/lead actor of your life
Fair winds, tailwinds, and following seas, my friends. We'll meet again!

-- Lunde, Morten - Major - Royal Norwegian Air Force - 81-10/451 FTS/Mather AFB. Currently serving as CO of 335 Sqn/RNoAF operating C-130's at Gardermoen Air Station. After UNT I served on P-3 Orions, and for a brief period as Chief Navigator on Westland Sea Kings Mk 43. I am looking for other nav students from 81-10. E-mail addres is

05/05/98 -- William E. Blue, Major (retired), 61-04, Harlingen, Navigator on KC-135's and C-130's. Loring, Castle, Ellsworth, CCK, Grand Forks, Grissom, and Fairchild. I shot video of the B-52 crash at Fairchild AFB,WA. Sold footage to CBS. After I retired I went to work for the Navy testing torpedoes and now work at Home Depot. I am still looking for Billy Buchanan last assignment was CCK, Taiwan 21 TAS, he went to PI from CCK and I lost complete contact. Does anyone know if the Navigator Magazine is still being published? I wrote several articles for it. If anyone has information please contact me. I also have written a book about being in the Air Force that is FREE to anyone who want one. I send it by E-Mail. updated 11/18/98

05/05/98--Smith, Clem, Ellington51-08,, AFNOA TREASURER. Join AFNOA now and send me your dues.

04/25/98 -- Summers, C. H. Ellington 51-10. Instructor, Goodfellow, Laredo and Harlingen. Later in Reserve C-119's at Miami International. Now retarded. ;-)
04/24/98 -- Jenkins, Denny, James Connally, 63-20. Enlisted April Fools Day, 1962. 1962-63 Aviation Cadets. 1963-65: 85ATS C-124A&C Nav/IN, Travis. 1965-66: 13BS B-57B,C&E NavBomb & INB, Clark & Danang. 1966-71: 3539NTS/3535NTW T-29C IN, Stan/Eval, Courseware Developer, Mather. 1971-72: Defense Intel College, Anacostia Annex, D.C. 1972-73: UNC/USFK J-2, Intelligence Analyst, YongSon (Seoul) ROK. 1973-76: Defense Intelligence Agency, Intelligence Analyst, Pentagon. 1976-1977: Student, Air Command & Staff College, Maxwell. 1978-80: 18TFS F-4E WSO/IWSO, Elmendorf. 1980-82: 58TTS F-4C IWSO/Chief of Academics/OIC-TAC Academic Instr Course, Luke. 1982-84 58TTS/58FW F-16A IWSO/Operations Officer/FTO. Retired 08/84. 1985-Present: Site Manager, Program Manager, then Sr. Purchasing Rep for Allen Corp, SimuFlight, Link Training Svcs, Singer-Link, CAE-Link, Hughes Aircraft Company, now Raytheon Services Co (all buyouts)...

04/23/98 -- Sklaver, Jeffrey H., Mather 79-04 RUNT, Navigator B52G, 325th BMS, Fairchild AFB 1980-82....then a C141 pilot...hello to all......even as a pilot, I still love to gaze at the stars, and study navigation. just recently purchased a surplus sextant which now proudly sits on my piano...its really fun to explain to people just how it works and just how celestial navigation was performed....( if you want info about where you can get purchase one drop a line) I know you cant stop technological progress, but Navigation was really a fine art...regards to

4/21/98 -- Fossen, Chad / Ellington AFB / Class 53-G / WB-29 "TyphoonChaser" Retired 12/71.

04/12/98 -- Denison, Harold G.; Harlingen, 57-03c, Flt. Ex. Nav., C-124, C-97, C-121G, 85th ATS, Travis AFB, CA,

04/12/98 -- Tony Villari; Aviation Cadet, graduated Harlingen AFB (class 61-12), 1961, EWO, RB-47H, Forbes AFB/Offutt AFB. Active duty Dec 1959 - Aug 1968

03/08/98 -- Espino, Eric, JUNT Randolph 96-01G, MN: MC-130P, HC-130H/P/N, C-130E/H 9th Special Operations Squadron, Eglin AFB, FL,

03/03/98 -- Alexander, Carl, Mather, 75Apr, Instructor Nav, C-141A/B & C-5A/B, or Currently Senior Technical Writer for C-17A flight manuals. I write the nav/comm/instrument portions for the T.O.s.

2/10/98 -- Rother, Henry G. (Hank), Maj Ret, Harlingen AFB, Aviation Cadet Class 61-02, EWO; B-52E/F/H (KI, Walker, Castle); AC-130 (Ubon 71-72); EWO School, Mather 72-76; F-105G Wild Weasel, George AFB; Retired 1980; Dept AF Civilian, F-4/F-4G Education Specialist, George AFB; DAFC Luke AFB, F-16C School Registrar and International Student Mgr; Luke AFB Training Systems Center, Trainer Requirements Analyst. "I can't get away from the AF and I am loving every minute of it, even if it is currently with a bunch of fighter pilots (great bunch of guys and gals)!" E-mail (new email as of Jan 2001)

2/5/98 -- Conley, James B., Mather AFB 87-06, B-52 Wurtsmith AFB; B-1B McConnell AFB and Dyess AFB; C-130H3(AFRES) and C-130H2(ANG). Instructor and Stan/Eval while in B-52s. FTU instructor in B-1s. 7th Wing Chief of Flight Safety for 2 years before leaving active duty 6/97. Highly encourage navigators to seek "the good life" in the Guard or Reserves-the military's best kept secret. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.

1/16/98 -- Polito, Michael J.; Mather, 77-13, B-52D,G,H IEW; B-1B IDSO/OSO, retired Oct 96, Major

1/19/98 -- Davis, Arthur (Dwight); Randolph AFB, 94-06, EC-130E/H Instructor Navigator,, Currently Wing Chief Navigator Instructor wondering if I should stick it out when the contract is done in two years...

1/12/98 -- Holland, George A. III; Pensacola 97, B-1B WSO,

-- Sprance, Jim; Lt Colonel; Mather AFB; Class 73-20; F-4/F-111 WSO/IWSO; F-4C/D (Luke AFB, NAS Keflavik, RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, Hill AFB); F-111D/F (Cannon AFB, RAF Lakenheath); retiring May 98;

-- Milner, David M.; (from 8/23/97) I just wanted to say thanks again for posting my data on your home page. I have gotten a lot of good information thanks to you. I have just been accepted to the Advanced phase (VT-86 squadron) of UNT and now am only eligible for B-52's, B-1B's, and F-15E's... could I trouble you to change my information to read as such? Thanks in advance and in hindsight for providing this page; it's been a great help in my decision making process!

-- Marra, Mike; Mather AFB, 87-11, C-130 Navigator, AC-130H, AC-130U, C-130E+H, or Flew about 3,500 hours all over, including the Gulf War, Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti, Liberia, etc. I'm actually doing OK for a Nav in the AF right now!

-- Paliwoda, William J.;Maj; Mather AFB 84-17. Aircraft T-37, T-43, C-130E(Slicks and AWADS), H, H2, and H3. 40 TAS, Pope AFB Jan 85-Jan 90, 62 AS Little Rock AFB (C-130 FTU), Jan 90-Jun 95, HQ ACC, Current Operations (Airshow Branch) Jun 95-May 97, Currently assigned to HQ 21 AF/DOV as Command C-130 Evaluator Navigator. I just want to know why AF navigators are required to swim a mile? Am I the only one who sees a problem with washing AF navigators out of UNT because of a Navy requirement (by the way I have swum and can still swim a mile)?

-- Young, John G.; Capt; Mather AFB, 90-16, EWO; B-52; currently wing scheduler at Barksdale AFB;; website

-- Davenport, James G.; Capt; Mather AFB, 1987; aircraft include EC-130H and C-130E (AWADS and non-AWADS); currently working operations plans, 463d Airlift Group (AMC Tenant) at Little Rock AFB AR; previosly stationed Pope AFB NC, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ.

-- FOSSEN, Chad, Ellington AFB, Class 53-G. Navigator/Observer. WB-29s on Guam with 54th WeaRecSqdn. Flew into 13 typhoons and am proud to be an "Old Shoe" in the Royal Order of Typhoon Goons!! Later taught at Harlingen and Mather. Retired in 1971 as an L/C in the Minuteman Missile "business" Hi to anyone and everyone!!

-- Fullerton, Brian R., Colonel; Mather AFB 1969; aircraft include T-29, T-37, T-43 (as IN), C-130 A and E, C-54, C-118, F-4C, D, and E (as WSO and IWSO), F-15; still on active duty and currently at Davis-Monthan AFB AZ (previously staioned at Naha AB OK, Mather AFB CA, Hahn AB GE, Luke AFB AZ, Keflavik NAS Iceland, Norton AFB CA, Ramstein AB GE, Soesterberg AB NL, Woensdrecht AB NL, DIA (at Clarendon VA); US Embassy Bonn GE, and Davis-Monthan AB AZ'; e-mail:

-- Milner, David M., (see 1/2/98) NAS Pensacola, 97-16, student nav, n/a,, I am an Active Duty Navigator Student in the Intermediate stage of UNT and am in the position to decide whether I want to try for AC-130's, MC-130's, RC-135's, B-1's, B-52's, or F-15E's. ANY information on these platforms would be greatly appreciated, including Nav/EWO/WSO responsibilities, TDY time, mission, bases available, transitionability to the civilian world, your experiences, how much fun they are, etc.

9/12/97 -- Taylor, James G., Mather, 70-21 UNT, 71-08 NBT, Aardvark Gator, F-111A/E, or, 55TFS 1970-1973 RAF Upper Heyford, 428TFS 1974 Takli & Korat, 77TFS 1975-1977 RAF Upper Heyford, USAFR 1979-1994. LTC USAFR (Ret).

8/23/97 --
Milner, David, (see9/20/97)NAS Pensacola, 97-17, student nav, n/a,, I am an AD Nav student about to decide (Primary stage graduation on 3 Sep 97) whether to stay at Pensacola for strike/bomber or go to Randolph for airlift/tanker track. ANY information on platforms would be greatly appreciated, such as TDY time, mission, bases available, nav responsibilities, etc.

8/11/97 --
True, Raymond S., Graduated James Connolly December 1954, Class 54-14E. Aviation cadet started at Lackland, September 1954, Harlingen December 1954, Waco September 1954. First assignment, Charleston December 1954, C-119F/Gs, Project Dragnet also known as "Moby Dick" [precurser to U-2 flights]. Later Adak, Ardmore and separation in September 1957. Reserves at O'Hare from October 1957 until January 1977 then Milwaukee until retirement in August1980. ART from 1960 to 1980. C-130 for last 13 years, 6000 hours total time. Future mission: Let's get top navigator rating changed from "Master" Navigator to "Command" Navigator

7/25/97 -- Wayne L. Freeman
, Base: Harlingen AFB, Class: Started 56-09Q at Lackland...Grad 56-12 at HAFB, Career: Harlingen - Nav Instructor/Miliatary Tng Instructor 1956 to 1961, Billy Mitchell Field, Milwaukee, WI - USAFR (C-119s) (95 TrpCarrSq) 1961 to 1970, Richards-Gebauer, Kansas City, MO - USAFR (C-124s/C-130s) ART (442 MilAlftWg) 1970 to 1973, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS - USAFR (C-130s) AFT (815 WeaReconSq) 1973 to 1984, Retired 1984, E-mail:

-- Kiser, Chris, Mather AFB, CA class 85-12 (451 FTS), RF-4C WSO, Assignments: 62 TRTS (Bergstrom AFB, TX 85-86), 38 TRS (Zweibrucken AB, W. Germany 86-89), 91 TRS (Bergstrom AFB, TX 89-91), Fighter Duty Officer 682 ASOC (Shaw AFB, SC 91-92) E-mail: WWW page:

6/6/97 --
Howard, Felix Neal, Harlingen class 57-19C, KC-97 Nav., Flew w/22nd (March AFB) 303rd (Kindley) and 2nd (Hunter) 1957-63.

-- Metts, William H, Harlingen, 61-08A,1 Jun 61, KC135 Nav at Westover (6/61-6/66), Ramey (6/66-6/69), Altus (6/69-6/72). Later hired by FAA at AOO, AGC, ANC, FSS's, then ZDC & DCA AFSS as Ass't Mgr for Automation. Retired 1/97.

-- Primoli, Dennis L. II , Capt, USAF, Randolph AFB, 94-05 (first Class), Nav EC-130, Davis Monthan, Current assignment: NAS Whiting, Milton FL AS SNA, Father Dennis L. Primoli, Col USAF (ret.), James Connally AFB, Waco, TX, 8 Sep 63 to Spring 64, Nav KC-135, C-141, FCO AC-130 (Ubon 71-71)

-- Towery, Carl T. "Tommy", Mather, 70-13, EWO, B-52/RC-135,, Homepage dark 10/03 [Carl's USAF page] Retired 1988. I gave the 343SRS the nickname "Raven Haven".

-- Baxter, Stephen, Randolph, 95-15, Nav, E-3,, Minuteman III instructor-turned navigator, AWACS ok, want another airframe before Majors' board: B-52, RC-135, or C-130

5/7/97 -- Beaton, Joseph, James Connally 66-05, Lead navigator, C-130, NAV@AOL.COM, I flew with the 346TAS in the late 6o's. It was "Terry and the Pirates" and me. When my son son says "Been there, done that". I smile.

-- Jehlik, David, James Connally/Mather, 56-15C, Navigator-Bombardier, B-47,, Pinecastle/Mc Coy 57-59. Would like to chat with other B-47 navs.

4/10/97 -- Parish, John, Mather, 81-13, Navigator, KC-135,, Former Operations Officer for the 8 ACCS (now deactivated) flying the first -135 built by Boeing (55-3118); now a Government Flight Representative with Defense Contracts Management Command (DCMC).

4/8/97 --
Snyder, Leslie, Mather, Class: 89-01, Nav, E-#, C-130,, Now a Reserve Bum flying 130's and loving every minute of it.... all the fun of flying without the active duty b.s.

-- Eric Espino, Randolph 96-01G, MC-130P Combat Shadow. 9th Special Ops Sq, Eglin AFB, Fl,

-- Escobar, Rudy, Class 72-01 at Mather AFB (Jul 71), C-130, AC-130 (Ubon), KC-135, EC-135 (Mildenhall). Put in 20 years and had to retire. Work at American AIrlines as an MD-80 Ground School Instructor in Ft. Worth. Can't get away from these pilots after 20 years of trying to "kill" me. AANAV@MSN.COM

-- Lehnherr, Robert E.: Bombardier, Deming, 43-13 Sep 43; 51 combat missions, B24 w/512BS/376BG/15AF; AOB(1037) @ Mather, 49FB, Jun 49; Carswell B36 combat crew Jun49-Oct54; B52 Phase 5 & 6 Flight Test Crew at Edwards, 1955; Radar & Nav instructor @ Castle 55-57; B-52 flight test of Bomb Nav Systems at Boeing Seattle AFPRO Jun57-Aug 59; B-70 BNS Project Officer at North American AFPRO Aug 59 until Mar 60. AFPRO at North American Aviation's Autonetics Division Mar 60thru Apr 61. Retired 30 Apr 61. E-Mail address:

03/22/97 -- Marsden, Jeffrey A., Mather, 90-09, EC/KC-135 ,, Offutt/Mildenhall

02/15/97 -- Peterson, John, Randolph, 96-14G, Nav, EC-135,, Just checking things out. Thinking about going to UPT.

02/13/97 -- Bennett, Ed, Waco, Nov 52, Mather, Jan 60, RO, Nav, Radar Nav, F-94C, F-89C&D, B-52D&G,, Glad to see the site and learn about the Association. Old retired SAC crewdog.

02/12/97 -- Rogers, James L, Harlingen 55-11, Instructed at Harlingen, C-130, Crew Commander Titan II missiles, EC-47 (Viet Nam), C-141. I am attempting to locate members of class 55-11 for a possible reunion. If you were a member or know anyone who was a member pleas send e-mail or write to me at 5208 Coventry Court, Colleyville, TX 76034. "James L. Rogers" <>

02/09/97 -- Honesty, Maynard (Abe). I graduated from Harlingen in class 62-16B1 on March 20, 1962. The class was originally designated 62-16D1 but was consolidated when the base was targeted for closure. There were six classes after ours at Harlingen. I went to NBT at Mather following UNT and was assigned to B-52s at Beale AFB. Following that, I went to SEA in C-123 and returned to Mather to instruct in NBT. I was one of the original cadre in the FB-111 program and flew them at Plattsburgh AFB. I would like to hear form any of my old friends.

01/03/97 -- Devereaux, Nick, Randolph, 97-11, n/a, n/a,, AD Nav student. Will be winged in July 97. Looking for advice on a/c assignment.

12/21/96 -- Zambenini, Robert, Ellg/Connelly/Mather, Nav/Bomb, B-47,, I am Life Member of AFNOA.

12/06/96 -- Beshlian, William (BESH), Mather, 87-06 , Nav, KC-135 A,Q,R, E-4BB,

10/09/96 -- Baker, William, Connally, 52-4, AO-AWI, F-94/F-84,, Selfridge AFB 1953-1954, James Harmon AFB (Newfoundland) 1953-1955 F-94B's then F-89D's

08/06/96 -- Carney, Michael, Mather , 83-01, Nav, RC-135 ,, Instructor at the Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS. Enjoying my time here driving home the message of airpower to our dirt bound brothers and sisters

07/22/96 -- Rayburn, Robert, James Connally, 63-19, Nav, C-130 ,, USAF Retired, but still navigating in a silicon airplane! Civilian instructor in C-130 Simulator at McChord AFB, WA.

07/15/96 -- Espino, Eric, Randolph, 96-01, Nav, MC-130P ,

07/05/96 -- Nevitt, Larry, Mather, 72-23, WSO, F-4C/D/E,

06/14/96 -- Doersy, Lee, Mather, 83-2 , Nav, KC-135,, I'm active duty at HQ ACC. Presently the Joint STARS program manager and YES it has a nav

06/14/96 -- Stroman, Pat, Mather, 82-03, Nav, 135/141/E-3,, Will be PCSing in a week to serve an exchange tour with the Canadians at their Staff College in Toronto.

06/06/96 -- Adams, John, Connally/Mather, 52-EB, Nav-radar, B-52 ,, Col, USAF (ret)

05/25/96 -- McCune, James, James Connally, 62-50 , Nav,, Arlington, TX

05/12/96 -- Powell, William, Harlingen, TX, 61-05 , Nav, K/E/RC-135,

05/02/96 -- Metz, Mike, Mather, 73-15 , WSO, F-4C/D/E,, I'm doing research for the AF and need doctrinal publications. Do you know if they can be found on the net? I have a JEL CD, but its not current. The JEL web site has little AF stuff. Thanks, Mike Metz

05/01/96 -- Simpson, Paul, DM, 76-25, Nav, KC-135A/Q,E-3,EC-130H, -

04/27/96 -- Green, Allen, Mather, 76-17, WSO, F-4/AT-38,, I am working the 50th anniversary of the USAF here on the Air Staff and would be happy to provide info on upcoming activities for all fellow Navs

04/27/96 -- Schaubert, Dave, Mather, 82-10 , Nav, KC-135,, Now at Niagra Air Guardat after Castle Instructor tour

04/13/96 -- Buckman, Jerry, Mather, 88-05 , Nav, AC-130H,, I'd rather be a pilot.

04/10/96 -- Edwards, Don, Mather, 83-13 , Nav, EC/KC-135.

04/03/96 -- Duerson, Tim, Mather, 82-05, Nav, KC-135,, Active duty continuing.

03/26/96 -- Harden, John (Jay) H., Mather, 68-04, Nav, B-52D,, Defense Mapping Agency Liaison to Naval Air Systems Command.

03/22/96 -- Ramthun, Gary, James Connally, 64-02, Nav, B-52 , 70571.1566@compuserve, currently developing training for Flight Safety Services, Denver, Co.
...................Oct 02 update to email: